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Aston Martin plans six new and refreshed models until 2016

Aston Martin is by far one of the most respected carmakers in the world, but, sadly, this hasn’t been paying the bills lately at the Gaydon HQ.

As such, the British sportscar manufacturer is planning some serious shakeups to its lineup, in order to become more profitable but also to meet the strict fuel and emissions regulations that will be adopted by the EU and in the USA.

Luckily for us, the blokes at Autocar have gotten their hands on Aston Martin’s six-year plan. Even if some of the entries were already known, there are still quite a lot of interesting tidbits of information.

First off, 2011 will see the introduction of the Aston Martin Cygnet city car, essentially an upmarket Toyota iQ, designed for AM fans that want something to zip around town. It’s small engine and low weight will definitely improve the fuel average across the lineup.

Next up, the iconic DB9 is set to get a drastic overhaul in 2013, as its VH aluminum alloy chassis will be upgraded. The main goal is to decrease weight yet ensure great handling. A key role will be played by an optimized version of the V12 engine, currently under the bonnet of the DB9. It will also be put on a diet and will see the addition of emission-reducing and fuel-saving technologies.

2014 will see the same treatment be applied to the Vantage model. Even if sales of this specific car have suffered from the economic downturn, Aston is confident that with the right upgrades and a strict diet, the Vantage will continue to shine among the opposition.

Still in 2014, Aston Martin will push the Lagonda brand front and center. The first model will be a luxury SUV, in the vein of the concept we saw last year. Before you worry, Aston has revealed that the design will be overhauled, in order to give it a sense of class. It is expected that the British carmaker will borrow the GL Class chassis from Mercedes-Benz.

The Aston Martin DBS will also receive its own refresh, in 2015. More power will definitely be added, while the weight will be reduced. Given the high sales of this specific model, it’s safe to say that not a lot of things will change.

Last but not least, in 2016, Aston might also refresh the Rapide super sedan. The fate of the model will rest with the sales figures it will achieve up until then. Given the shared chassis with the DB9, the same changes are also expected to hit the four-door model.

As an overall design line, expect cues to be taken from the recent One-77 hypercar, as well as a few other internal projects from Aston.

Source: Autocar