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Aston Martin Rapide and DBX to complete dream-team

Only good news came recently from Aston Martin. I have to admit I’ve always been a fan of the British producer, because I always thought that is has more style and it had “that something” that Ferrari or Lamborghini never had. So I’m probably not being subjective at all, but I don’t care, I love these cars. So, let’s get back to what made me happy today. Aston Martin’s CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez announced that after next year’s launch of recently presented DBS, Aston Martin will focus on the development of the highly anticipated 4-doors coupe, the Rapide. Scheduled to be launched in 2010, the car will probably cost around $400,000.

And you thought that’s all? No, no, no. After the DBS launch, the British producer will also start working on the DBX project, which will be the company’s new flagship. Dr. Bez said that the new car, which will probably be the successor of the Vanquish coupe, will arrive only after the Rapide and will probably cost even more.


2 Responses to Aston Martin Rapide and DBX to complete dream-team

  1. auto racing history says:

    “Elegance” without compromising the performance and the capability of the car to compete with those other sports cars. i think thats what “that something” is. if you’re pretty much a fan of James Bond then the Aston Martins are much like his character, you can expect action behind its classy character.

  2. Koenigsegg to have a super-sedan in the works? | Auto Unleashed says:

    [...] the supercar manufacturers, with the likes of Porsche, with the Panamera or Aston Martin, with the Rapide and now, sweedish manufacturer Koenigsegg has announced, through their manager for the Middle East, [...]

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