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Auckland Car Shipping

Auckland car shipping becomes a necessity when you are planning on moving from this city in New Zealand in another location. Usually, car shipping companies offer you two different possibilities to ship your vehicle. One method allows you to ship your car with personal items inside. Before the car leaves the port you will have to bring proof that you are the owner of the car and oblige to pay the necessary duties once the car reaches its destination.

First of all you should decide upon a shipping method. The methods are differentiated by price and not only. The cheapest version of Auckland car shipping is Roll on Roll (RORO) that means the car will be driven on and off the mean of transportation. The second method involves a secured container in which the car will be placed. With the help of a crane the container will make it to the ship. Another difference is the fact that with RORO shipping you can’t leave any personal belongings in the car while a container car can also keep safe some personal items.

After choosing the type of shipment you need to find a company specialized in Auckland car shipping. The company can provide you with a shipping cost quote. On their site you can usually find a form that once filled will provide you with an accurate quote. For example, the Auto Car Shippers website helps you request a quote and be provided with answer from more than one shipping company that offers its services in the area. This website works with an entire network of shipping companies. You can also check out an international moving company if you are interested.

Auckland Car Shipping

Once you’ve chosen a company for Auckland car shipping and you are happy with the services and price tag you should make a booking and be prepared to provide the necessary paperwork for customs. The booking should be done with at least a week in advance because there are ships that leave for their destinations only once a week. When you make the booking you will have to pay the entire bill, bring proof that you are the owner of the car and provide your driver’s license and your passport. In 2009, the average cost was of $4000, but this amount doesn’t include the duties you will have to pay once you and your car arrives at the destination port.

If you have opted for the RORO method remove all personal items from the car’s inside and get the Warrant of Fitness (WOF) because this is also a requirement for RORO Auckland car shipping. The WOF will suppose an inspection of your car’s tires, body structure and not only. You will have to find the local agency of the New Zealand Travel Agency that has the authority to issue WOF certificates. You can easily find the location details by visiting the website of this agency.

If you want to know the exact date when the car will arrive at its destination you will have to wait until the car is picked up and placed on the ship that will deliver it to the destination port. Only at that point, the shipping company will be able to provide you with an exact date. When the car ends its travel, you will have to pay the requested duties, at the destination port, before you will be allowed to pick it up and drive away.

The process of Auckland car shipping is not complicated at all. You just need to keep in mind the basic rules and adjust them to your needs.

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