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Audi A1 demand surpasses scheduled production

Audi A1 demand surpasses scheduled production

We’ve been teasing Audi for its extended marketing campaign for the A1 city car, but it seems that the gamble paid off in full, as the Ingolstadt company has just announced that orders for the new compact might surpass the scheduled production of 50,000 units this year.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi’s head of sales and marketing, revealed that if the trend continues, all models might soon be accounted for and new customers will be put on a waiting list.

The plant in Brussels, Belgium, has already started production, with 500 A1 units being rolled off the assembly line each day. The manufacturing target for 2010 is 50,000, and will grow to 80,000 in 2011 and 100,000 in 2012.

According to Audi, almost 90% of people interested in the A1 are first-time Audi buyers. As was revealed at the beginning of the year, the carmaker hopes that the city car will lead their interest to bigger models in the Audi range.

All in all, Audi will definitely get back its development money plus the cash it dropped for marketing efforts like ‘The Next Big Thing’ short movie series with Justin Timberlake.

Source: Autocar