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Audi A3 sedan coming to the US in 2012

While we Europeans love our hatchbacks, with sales of models like the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus or Audi A3 going through the roof, US consumers aren’t really falling in love with models that don’t have big old trunks.

That is why Audi is preparing to launch a sedan version of its A3 hatchback, which although selling pretty good in the USA, hasn’t reached the expectations the German company established. Reportedly, this new model will be arriving in 2012, and will be exclusive to the US market.

In terms of size, it won’t differ that much, and will come close to the original A4 sedan. No word yet on pricing, or how much it will add to the hatchback’s starting price of $27,270, so until a concrete statement is released, just buy an extra car roof box for the A3.

Source: InsideLine

3 Responses to Audi A3 sedan coming to the US in 2012

  1. audi a3 says:

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  3. TTrak says:

    I think an A3 sport sedan will be a HIT in the US.
    The A3 vert would also sell very well. If Audi brings the A3 vert with quattro, DSG, and the newest 2.0T I’ll be the first to sign on the SOLD line.

    It’s not so much that US buyers want big ‘ole trunks, it’s that US buyers like the styling of a sedan more so than the “raised” trunk look of a hatchback.
    I like the A3 hatchback, but the pictures of the sedan are spectacular.

    As it is right now, I think the biggest reason why Audi doesn’t sell the A3 very well is because it is a hatchback. BMW has proven that Americans do want small sporty coupes with the success of the 1 series.
    BMW outsells the A3 will it’s 1 series, and the biggest factor is because the 1 series is a sporty coupe and not the odd looking 1 series hatchback that sells well in the Euro market.

    If the A3 were offered as a 2 door coupe, I’m sure that many of us who bought the 1 series would have gone for a quattro A3 coupe. I know I would have.
    When I was shopping in 09, I tested the A3 4 door hatch with quattro, and it is a sweet automobile. But, overall, it’s much softer in feel and overall performance compared to a 128i with sport pkg suspension, and it’s KILLED by the 135i.
    I bought the 135i as it offered amazing performance for the money.
    When I loaded up the A3 with the sport and premium pkgs, the price was much too close to the 135i with sport and premium.
    My 135i came in at around $41K, and the A3 was above $35K, yet didn’t offer the power or the handling that the 135i does.

    Also, no convertible from Audi to compete with the 1 series verts. That’s a niche Audi loses just because they won’t take a chance with the US.
    Audi needs an A3 coupe and/or a sport sedan to compete with the 1 series, which will soon become a 2 series RWD.

    An S3 coupe or sedan with a turbo 5 cylinder at around 300hp, or even the 2.0TFSI with 300hpp, it would compete nicely with a 1/2 series twin scroll 3.0 6cyl with 300hp.
    If Audi can bring an S3 quattro with that power and keep the price around $40K for sport and premium pkg’s, they would then increase sales and steal some of BMW’s sales thunder.

    It seems Audi doesn’t realize how many of us cross shop BMW, Audi, and MB.
    Audi’s US line up is a strange offering mix that only has the A4 as a direct competitor with BMW’s 3 series. The A3 competes with VW not BMW, nor MB.
    Audi has a BIG hole in it’s offerings for the smaller sport coupes, sedans, and verts.
    BMW has filled that hole and they are reaping the rewards.

    The other big issue Audi has to compete with is BMW’s lease’s. Even though smaller Audi’s are a bit lower MSRP compared to BMW, BMW’s leases put you in a higher priced car for a lower monthly lease payment compared to Audi.
    That is a huge factor when making the final decision. It did for me.
    Even though my 135i had a higher MSRP to the A3, by a few thousand dollars, my 135i lease was LESS than the A3, LESS. Made my decision easier.
    There is a reason why BMW’s sales are 50% leases in the US.
    Audi, rethink this and help me get an Audi next year.

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