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Audi A4 2 0 TDI SE Used Car

Nowadays there’s an immense trade of used cars, if not even bigger than the new cars market. Each of us trying to get the bigger better deal, head to all sources of information regarding used cars, websites, paper, directly to seller or through a salesman. Watching the market and comparing prices, I’ve stumbled over some appealing offers and a range of cars which I was not expected to come by at a price so convenient but my mind was made. I’m heading for the Audi A4 Turbo Direct Injection or as we all know it TDI.

There are thousands of Audi cars on the used car market, so many that one would not know what to pick. The A4 series are composed of: the Avant model, the All Road Quattro, and the Limousine model all of them manufactured between 2007 and 2009. Let’s have a look see through the performances of these models so that maybe we all find something suited for ourselves.

Starting with the Avant model, looking from the outside we can see an aggressive car, with low stance and a prominent grille, an integrated spoiler that completes the image of this beauty.

Not any less luxurious than any other Audi, you won’t even feel the miles flying behind you as the 2.0 TFSI® four cylinder engine, unleashing 211 hp with a 6.4 sec acceleration launches the car forward, you will not feel a thing as the perfectly balanced weight ratio and the high tech transmission “transforms” the hard road into fluid as you’re floating on.

Whether this is a new car or used one i frankly don’t care. This is one solid looking car and within a very decent price range starting from 10.800 E and peaking to 19.200 E

The next in line is the Audi All Road Quattro. Now this is a car you can literally climb mountains with, used or not, this one will carry you through snow, water, mud, sand, dirt, everything. It doesn’t call it All Terrain for the kicks of it. This one has a single frame grille is a little modified, with added slits beneath the radiator grille for an even more powerful ventilation.

This model specially designed for both on and off road travelling comes with an improved ESP that features a special off-road feature that enables the traction control, and anti-lock braking system to adapt to the type of terrain you’re driving with. Combined with the 2.0 powerful engine it will ensure a sporty run throughout whatever landscape you decide to run over.

When it comes to prices this one is kind of dicey 30,365 E being a minnimum, i don’t even want to know what the top price would be, but i cannot say it’s not worth every cent.

The A4 Limousine or Saloon, spells only one word inside and out: Refinement. A cabin that would send similar priced cars back to the junkyard. Fully equipped from „head to foot” as if we could expect any less from the Audi. Your hand inside the cockpit slides easily and with 0 effort hit all the necesary comforts that ensure an instinctive, intuitive driving experience, as if you’d be driving with your brain not your hands. This does not stop only on the inside.

Given 5 stars by the NCAP consortium, this car is as safe as it gets. And within a very affordable price range of 10.400 E minimum and peaks at 24.000 E.

Luxury, power, safety, satisfaction. Wether it’s used or not i’m getting one.

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