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Audi Connect System with Google Earth Navigation

Voice activated technology or real-time information while being in the car is no longer something to be seen only in James Bond movies. It’s reality. Audi Connect provides those and even more, just to give drivers and passengers the most enjoyable experience and access to the most current information.

For all this boom of technology and devices for Advanced Audi Connect Systems in the U.S., T-Mobile is the Wireless Carrier. This allows customers to Tap Voice-activated Google Earth (first-to-market), Obtain Real-time Traffic information (by combining Sirius and Google Earth), Fuel Price and Weather Information, search for information about travel destinations by using Google Local search, and Access Mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot.

If we made you curious about Audi Connect System and you want to see how it looks and works, watch the video below:

For further details and technical specifications, you can access Audi news site.