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Audi Locus Concept Car By Ugur Sahin

Audi Locus Concept Car

Surfing around the web, we came across this concept car, Audi Locus by Ugur Sahin. Looking like TT and R8′s son from the future, this concept car impresses with its curved design, creating a continuous flow from front to the back of the car. The Audi Locus looks really nice, too bad we’ll probably never gonna see it on the streets. Click more for more pics.

Audi Locus Concept Car

Audi Locus Concept Car

Via seriouswheels.

72 Responses to Audi Locus Concept Car By Ugur Sahin

  1. ohhhhhhh says:


  2. Kolanid says:

    Naaiis Car

  3. Dustin says:


  4. lakendrick jones says:

    i really like this car its the hottest car ive seen since 1976 thanks for coming up with this car

  5. andy fieldhammer says:

    that car is sweet!!! i want it!!

    andy fieldhammer

  6. popsy says:

    nice car u shud hav called me i invent cars on my cumputer. but am telling u them cars are going to cost more then a hummer or a baby bently limosine

  7. kadeem says:

    when is it coming out the cra is it faster then a bugatti

  8. goodyear says:

    me want audi soooooooooooooooooooo bad

  9. rick says:

    Sexy Caaar!!

  10. beli says:

    ho mach

  11. neil says:

    f**k thats a nice car whn is it coming to the USA?

  12. micael says:


  13. chloe o'sullivan says:

    f**kin hot car b!@tch

  14. JOE says:

    OMFG i want it hahah lol i got the first Audi tt but would love that insted whens it out and for how much

  15. Auto_class_student says:

    A perfect example of power, grace, and beauty all in one.

  16. neil says:

    damn thats nice

  17. Dave says:

    I am a big Audi fan and have my first to cars are Audi’s. I would pay big money for this car!!!

  18. jake says:

    dat cars sucks i bet ma eclipse ill beat dat s**t

  19. javad says:

    sik cars or wat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ME 2 NO N U 2 FIND OUT says:


  21. konfor sidney sils says:

    i gat furious designs of mine i adore,but this little sexy thing seduces me better than ma bitch.

  22. hazrat says:

    daim ur car is proper sick unbeliveable man i study engineering and i am lookin for cars like urs to make in future god bless but think about global warming pl2
    nice car

  23. shoaib hussain says:

    yo wicked car audi i love cars speacilly audis thanx for the good car

  24. Akram says:

    its only a concept they never bild it to what it look like however looking at this car makes me wana cry

  25. bob says:

    no production car is faster than a bugatti

  26. joeyy101 says:

    Howw much is this car worthh??? and i think its much better then all the other fararis and lamborgini thiss is hotttt

  27. christopher colquitt says:

    ok i want this car i am willing to give you 400,000. in cash email me fast i need this car i love this car :)

  28. Femmie says:


    car it is.
    Double tumbs up AUDI.

  29. jorge says:

    no one knows how to write in all these comments. but the cars tight.

  30. Corvette Z03 Concept by Ugur Sahin | Auto Unleashed says:

    [...] Sahin Design is definitely one of the coolest design studios out there, the Audi Locus Concept being a proof of that. And here is the Dutch company’s latest work, the Corvette Z03 Concept. [...]

  31. dadito says:

    thats my car hahahahah

  32. 867i9 says:

    esta guay el coche!!

  33. Dina Sweats Audis says:

    Car is sick. I need it.

  34. ~neko naruto~ says:

    this is sooo damn HOT XD

  35. mehdi says:

    i am iranian and your website best

  36. diho says:

    GADDAMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! now dats a car!

  37. DAINE says:

    so cool it is awsome

  38. paulina says:


  39. umemosakura says:

    I thought I saw this car’s picture in a showcase..
    It’s in grey colour..

    I want it so badly..
    Wait until i got my phd..

  40. AZ says:

    be careful, this man is hotlinking your image http://www.autounleashed.com/images/audi_locus_concept_car.jpg

    Check it –> http://itzmin.bloringa.net/post-1070747.html

  41. mmboy says:

    i really like this car

  42. EdwinaPC says:

    BaeBae,,,,da’s a CARRR!

  43. Felly J says:

    Ebwana ni noma mko juu vibaya! Das a ril nice, sweety, crunchy, deliciously, creamy n hot car! Kip for me one!!

  44. harout says:

    I’ts to easy to design it I don’t know why all people like it however good luck.

  45. gobabygo says:


  46. hendra says:

    it’s just concept, and never will be reality.
    but i hope it’s will be reality….

  47. srikanth says:

    The car is really looking amazing and when i watch this from the front then its looking great and when i watch the same car from the side of it then its really loking like a Toy.
    But any ways the car is superb and i just wanted to own these kinds of cars but i guess these cars are not suitable in the indian roads.
    If u have any other cars just similar to this and which runs in the indian roads then plz send some pics and models to my e-mail.

  48. ron says:

    This car looks like the new mitsubishi eclipse.

  49. mokgele.gk says:

    have never seen such fine work of art this is the it car

  50. daddy 71 says:

    if ur dad has 1 ill suck his dick 4 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. alisha says:

    this car is SEXYYY

  52. prespa1 says:

    super ya no1

  53. tman says:

    this is the best car in the world

  54. YO says:


  55. Pierre says:

    NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  56. baki says:

    ahoooooo Autossssss

  57. r8r1976 says:

    Damn!! This has got to be the most beautiful car that I’ve ever seen.

  58. puTToh says:

    DAMN that car is orgasmic!lol i’d suck five gigantic black dick for just that.(no homo)

  59. crush on audi says:

    i laaaaaaaaaaaav dis car!!!

  60. C3SARG says:

    Love the car neew fav

  61. smhcar says:

    Oh! my god! this is my love.

  62. Alex says:

    HOLLY S**T!!!

  63. hatta says:

    i want!!!!1plz!!!arhhhhhhh……..

  64. car appreciaator says:

    this car is not practical at all. 1 its airflow is too much and its curbweight is too less….. meaning when driving under fast conditions this car cannot make a sharp turn….. and two….. its body is not compatable with everyday use…. the undercarrage is too low to the ground…. a simple pothole could spoin this car out or rupture the gas tank.

  65. Maximus says:


  66. Designer says:

    This car has the front lights of the Seat Leon. Making an Audi is not only putting it’s logotype on it.

  67. deen sing says:

    this ride is the best.
    … only if i could have it.

  68. AMIR says:


  69. serene says:

    i felt a breeze from my laptop looking at that thing.:)

  70. nicodemus says:

    making a car (Audi) is not an easy thing to do our machanical engineers go though a lot of hard work to reach this kinder design ,YEH!!! big up for them ,but the question is! is it gonna be faster than the new 2010 Audi R8 V-10

  71. Gaurav says:

    Just want it right now infront of my house. Wow!!! itz tooooooooooo hot n sexy car in the world!!!

  72. OM says:


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