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Audi R8 burns to a crisp, only front grille remains

Imagine this: you own a fabulous white Audi R8 and it’s time to do your periodical maintenance at a registered service at your car dealer. You leave the car knowing that it is handled by professionals and that you will get it back better than ever.

Then how would you feel if you’d have then heard that your precious supercar was found burned to a crisp on the edge of a highway? That is what happened to a poor unlucky Romanian R8 owner, which left his car in the service. After doing the regular maintenance, the engineers took it out to test all of its systems, but while on the highway, their laptop pointed to a malfunction and the cockpit began filling up with smoke.

They immediately pulled over, but not a minute too soon, as the supercar was engulfed by flames, and all that was left, as you can see from the pictures, was the front grille, proudly showing off the Audi logo and the characteristic face of the R8. Effectively, the R8 melted on the side of the highway before any firemen could arrive on the scene. Be aware that this isn’t the first time R8 models have had troubles with fire.

Here is the news story covering the event, but be aware that the audio is in Romanian.

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Source: StirileProTV

2 Responses to Audi R8 burns to a crisp, only front grille remains

  1. intensive driving says:

    There really isn’t much left is there!
    I wonder if there’s any connection between this and Lambo’s apparent tendency to go up in flames?

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