Audi R8 gets impaled by guard rail, driver miraculously escapes

Guard rails are used in order to protect cars and their drivers but given the wrong circumstances, they can turn things from bad to worse. Such is the case with a Greek driver of this Audi R8, which supposedly fell asleep behind the wheel.

As a result, the car veered off the road and went straight into a guard rail, which impaled the R8 right through the steering column and went out the rear window. Miraculously though, he driver escaped, although he did have some serious leg injuries.

Judging by the pictures dug up by the guys at WreckedExotics, he should definitely thanks his lucky stars he made it out alive.

Source: WreckedExotics

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  • intensive driving says:

    Ouch… Another Audi R8 owner almost met his maker…

    Happy holidays to you, Andrey and Vlad and thank you for the great posts of 2009 and I look forward to more in 2010. Happy New Year.


  • Andrey says:

    thanks a lot Gideon, it means a lot :) Happy holidays to you too and may we see many more comments from you :D

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