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Audi R8 STaSIS Challenge Extreme Edition Revealed

Audi R8 STaSIS Challenge Extreme Edition

If by any chance you are the proud owner of the V8-powered Audi R8 and want to play in the same league as the more powerful V10 version, the tuners over at STaSIS have the perfect solution for your problem. Dubbed the “Challenge Extreme Edition” this mode Audi R8 pack 120 hp more ponies in comparison to the V10 model and at the same time it weighs less.

It has the same engine as the regular model but STaSIS added a supercharger, raising the output to 540 hp, while the peak torque is 435 lb.-ft. After a strict diet, the R8 has a curb weight of 1575 kg, enabling the car to do the 0-60 mph sprint in a mere 3.6 seconds.

They’ve also installed lowering springs that improve handling, while at the same time giving the car a more masculine and aggressive look. The R8 now sits on 9.5×20 ultra lightweight forged aluminum wheels (front), 12×20 forged aluminum rims (rear), wrapped around in high-performance low-profile tires.

Extra power requires bigger brakes so the R8’s new braking system consists of Alcon 390 mm front / 35 mm rear, with 2-piece floating discs.

Lastly, they’ve installed a brand new stainless steel, cross-flow exhaust system that reduces back pressure, improving efficiency and power.

Source: STaSIS via ZerCustoms

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