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Audi R8 taken for a test swim

We’ve already seen a lot of exotic car crashes, almost all of them caused by irresponsible owners which don’t know how to handle the power of their cars. But this crash is a bit special, because we’re not talking about the owner of the car, but about a regular person which asked Audi to give him the €160,000 supercar, the R8 for a test drive. Although he met the standards of a test drive with a car this powerful, the 33-year old man from the Netherlands, lost control while he was driving near a river and crashed the car into it.

Police aren’t disclosing the name of the unlucky driver, and believe that he was driving at about 130 km/h (80 mph), although witnesses say that he was driving a lot faster, about 200 km/h or 125 mph, a lot above the limit on that road of 80 km/h (50 mph). Speed isn’t the only thing police are taking intro consideration, because the road was a bit bumpy, and one of these bumps could have caused the speeding driver to loose control of the 420 hp car. Still, if you want to test drive a car with lots of power, you really should check your speed and the road conditions, or you might end up like this poor fellow.

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Photo Gallery: Audi R8 test drive goes bad

Source: Autojunk (Via CarScoop)

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