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Audi reveals its Los Angeles Design Contest entries shaped by Facebook users

Even though most companies like to keep in touch with their customers, it’s a bit difficult for carmakers to do the same. Thankfully new social networking websites like Facebook are there to help.

Audi is really dedicated to the service, testimony being the over 400,000 fans the company has on the website. As you all know, the Los Angeles Auto Show is approaching, and with it the LA Design Contest, where young designers, but also large companies like Audi participate.

Seeing as how the theme of the 2009 edition is the YouthMobile 2030, Audi decided to use Facebook at its fullest, and asked for every fan to share their insight on how a car targeted at young people should look like in the year 2030.

The company was flooded with feedback, and sent it along to the team at Audi Design, which resulted in the accompanying two concepts, the “accessible” eOra and the “aspirational” eSpira. The two bold models, according to Audi designers, are filled with ways through which the driver can interact with others via social networking services, and show the direction in which upcoming cars need to go.

“Often, we’d encounter decisions in which both options had merit from a design perspective,” said Jae Min, Chief Designer, Design Center, California. “In those instances, it was especially useful to field input from the Facebook users. After reviewing the feedback, we would eventually notice a consensus formed among the community which shaped our final designs.”

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