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Audi RS5 set to arrive in the USA in late 2011

When Audi presented the RS5 sportscar, many fans of the Ingolstadt manufacturer were left drooling. A lucky few then started checking bank accounts and making calls to dealerships in order to secure such a model.

But while we would have preferred for Audi to spread the 444 HP joy all around the world, the RS5 will first hit Europe this summer, and it isn’t even clear what other territories will receive the powerful German coupe.

In order to shed some light for US Audi fans, the guys at InsideLine say that the company will, in fact, bring the RS5 to North America. There are a few catches though, as the coupe is expected to hit around fall 2011 and we don’t even know what price or trim levels will arrive attached to it.

IL speculates that because Audi isn’t confident of high sales for the RS5, it will bring only the full spec versions, with things like a sports differential, exhaust system and many other luxury features. The price for such a car? Around $75,000.

No word on how many such models will be shipped across the Atlantic, but more details will certainly arrive until next year.

Source: InsideLine

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