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Audi RS6 – Fastest Car On Ice

Audi RS6

Just one month ago, the Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible managed to take down the world record for the fastest car on ice, achieving a top speed of 205.48 mph (330.70 km/h). They even rolled out a special edition production model to celebrate this performance.

However, Bentley’s record was short-lived as Audi managed to take their record away, managing to reach a top speed of 206.05 mph with an RS6 model. This new record was set at Gulf of Bothina, in Oulu, Finland. The interesting thing is that this wasn’t Audi’s attempt to slash Bentley’s record, as a tire manufacturer wanted to demonstrate that its Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 studded tires are better than Pirelli’s SottoZero that equipped the Continental Supersports Convertible.

Those that bought a Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record should feel pretty bad just about now…

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