Audi S4 Avant shows its drifting talent in new video

Audi S4 Avant shows its drifting talent in new video

Audi has always tried to deliver performance models of its road-going cars, but thanks to the Quattro all-wheel drive technology, models like the S4 weren’t really a favorite among drifting fans.

But thanks the new Sport Differential that the German company is offering in its newest harvest of performance models, things are definitely changing, as shown by racing driver Ignacio Perez which has been captured on tape drifting the S4 Avant model on the Jarama racing circuit.

Hit the jump to see the professional driver show what a performance family estate can do when placed in the right hands.

Source: Fortitude via Autoblog

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  • crash courses says:

    Although it looks pretty impressive drifting around corners i would have thought that it is more desirable to go around a bend as fast as possible without under or over steer!

  • Andrey says:

    in terms of competitions, yes drifting isn’t desired, as it is just for show, but in drifting competitions, it’s about the style, and not the speed :)

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