Audi TT gets extreme tuning

Remeber the “I,Robot” movie starring Will Smith and the magnificient Audi RSQ? Not sure about the movie, but we definitely loved the concept car. And apparently so did this guy, who took his first generation Audi TT and modified it to the extreme, creating this car, which looks pretty much to the RSQ concept from the movie.

Though Audi’s at the second TT generation, the first one was a really impressive car which created a lot of buzz at its launch in 1999 and its still a magnificent car. Though usually we’re not big fans of this extreme tunings, we loved the RSQ and the TT in these photos really got us into a dilema. Cool or not? One thing’s for sure, the care sure will make heads turn on the street.

Check out more photos after the jump.

Photo Gallery: Extreme Audi TT Tuning

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Comments (4)

  • bart says:

    i don’t think this is homemade, but an actual car used in the movie. A lot of Audi’s were converted to appear as city traffic, this is one of those vehicles i think

  • raceangel says:

    I am one off the biggest car fans out there. And the owner off the car is stupid and he has bad taste. This audi tt is normally a verry beautifull and expensive car. But now the car is totaly disformd. He took tuning too far. This car now looks like a monster.

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