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Chevrolet Reveals UK Pricing For Cruze Hatchback

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Set to go on sale in July, Chevrolet has revealed the pricing information of its Cruze Hatchback, one of the main rivals for the popular Ford Focus. Clients will be able to choose from three engines: two gasolines and one diesel. The hatchback version of the Cruze can be ordered in one of the following trim levels: LS, LT and the top-spec LTZ.

The entry-level model is the 1.6 LS 122 hp that costs from 13,995 pounds. For this money you get air conditioning, electric front windows, remote locking and AUX input. For 14,895 pounds you can get the car in the LT trim with the same engine. If you want the more powerful 163 PS 2.0 VCDi engine, prepare to pay 17,195 pounds. If shifting gears is not your thing, you can opt for an automatic gearbox but you’ll have to pay another 1,000 pounds. With this LT trim, you get front & back electric windows, cruise control, 16-inch alloy wheels, parking distance sensors, trip computer and a steering wheel and gearknob wrapped around in leather.

For the LTZ trim level you can opt for the 1.8-liter 139 hp gasoline engine or the aforementioned 163 PS 2.0 VCDI unit. With the first one you’ll have to pay 16,095 pounds while the latter will set you back 17,795 pounds. Aside from the goodies we’ve mentioned before, you’ll also get rain-sensing wipers, USB port, Bluetooth support, automatic headlights, 17-inch alloy wheels, electro-chromatic rear view mirror as well as aluminum-effect trim on the instrument panel.

If you choose the diesel engine, Chevrolet offers the LTZ Executive Pack that costs 19,295 pounds. For this money, you get heated front seats, sat-nav and leather trim.

Source: Chevrolet via Auto Express

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2012MY Buick LaCrosse Gets New Engines

2012 Buick LaCrosse

The 2012 revision of the Buick LaCrosse will bring a brand new standard 4-cylinder, 2.4-liter engine that will benefit from the eAssist technology, along with an updated version of the E85-capable, direct-injected V6 3.6-liter unit for the top-spec variant of the model.

The 2.4-liter engine which will equip the entry-level model is expected to provide 25% better highway efficiency in comparison to the current base model that comes with a 4-cylinder, 2.4-liter engine that produces 182 hp. The bad news is that the 2012MY is going to be more expensive as the prices start from $29,960 (+ $860 destination charge), which is $2,830 more than this year’s LaCrosse CX model.

The more potent V6 3.6-liter engine has been updated and Buick says that it produces 303 hp and has a peak torque of 264 lb.-ft (358 Nm), which is 23 hp and 5 lb.-ft more than the one on the current model. No word about the prices of the LaCrosse fitted with this engine.

Aside from these engine modifications, the 2012MY Buick LaCrosse will benefit from new standard features like the 17-inch alloy rims, dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth / USB support and a full-color information center.

Source: Buick via Carscoop

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Audi Starts Making The Q3 In Spain

2012 Audi Q3

Earlier this week, Audi has begun making the Q3 compact sport utility vehicle at SEAT’s plant located in Martorell, Spain. The Volkswagen Group, through Audi and Seat, has invested about $330 million for upgrading the facility in order to prepare it for the production of the Q3.

Audi has high hopes of its Q3 model as they anticipate selling 100,000 units per year. With this Volkswagen Tiguan-based SUV, the German automaker hopes to grab the title of the best selling premium SUV in Europe, taking the crown from the BMW X1.

The Audi Q3 officially goes on sale this month in Germany and at first it will be available with a choice of three engines. The first one is a gasoline 2.0 TFSI unit that produces 168 hp (170 PS / 125 kW) or 208 hp (211 PS / 155 kW). If you prefer diesels, you can opt for the 2.0 TDI unit that generates 174 hp (177 PS / 130 kW). Later on, Audi will offer a less powerful 2.0 TDI engine with 138 hp (140 PS / 103 kW).

The starting price for the Audi Q3 in Germany is 29,900 Euros.

Source: Audi via WCF

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Next-gen Mazda Miata Will Go On A Diet

2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata

It seems that one of the most famous sports cars in the world will go on a diet once the new generation arrives as we’ve learned from our colleagues from Inside Line that the next-gen Mazda MX-5 Miata will be a lot trimmer and slimmer in comparison to the current model.

If we were to believe a senior insider, the company’s engineers were asked to cut at least 720 pounds from the car’s weight which now is 2,480 pounds. The reason behind this decision is to bring the next-gen Miata closer to the original recipe of the 1st gen model launched back in 1989, which had a curb weight of 2,178 pounds for the U.S.-spec version.

In order to lower the weight of the Miata as much as possible, the Japanese engineers will use high strength steels for its body, along with a smaller and lighter engine. In addition, some of the goodies of the current gen model will most likely be removed, including the dashboard glove box as they will opt for other storage devices which will weigh less. Even the owner’s manual will be axed as Mazda might offer it on a USB stick.

To reduce the frontal area and weight, the new MX-5 will be narrower and it might get a tiny direct injection, turbocharged 1.4-liter engine that will benefit from variable cam phasing as part of the company’s SkyActiv engineering efficiency program. They will also work on the gearbox, hoping to bring it closer to the one on the original model as far as mechanical precision is concerned, providing the much loved short-throw.

Most likely, they won’t be able to shave off 720 pounds, but if they do manage to make it as heavy as the original model, it should be a very fun car to drive.

Source: Inside Line

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New Details About The 2014 Ford Mustang Emerge

2014 Ford Mustang (rendering)

We know that 2014 is far away but whenever new details about the next Ford Mustang emerge, we have to tell you about it. It seems that the original pony car will be built in order to celebrate its 50th birthday and compared to the current model; it will be lighter and smaller. The retro styling that we all love will still be maintained whereas the interior cabin will be dramatically improved, featuring advanced technology and materials of higher quality.

The 2014 Ford Mustang will be most likely be powered by a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine, along with a more powerful V8 5.4-liter unit that churns out 500 hp (507 PS / 373 kW).

Probably the biggest news for Mustang fans would have to be independent rear suspension that the new model will get, improving not only handling but also the ride comfort. According to some reports, it might also get a torque vectoring system like the one on the 2012 Focus.

The next-gen Ford Mustang will be offered globally, including right-hand versions for UK, Japan and Australia.

PS: The image is a rendering, not an official photo of the 2014 Mustang.

Source: AutoExpress

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2012 Audi S7 Spied Without Any Makeup

2012 Audi S7

WCF’s photographers have managed to grab a few spy shots with the upcoming 2012 Audi S7 which will be officially unveiled this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car you see in these photos is a prototype while doing some tests near Nurburgring.

2012 Audi S7

As you might have noticed, it features a very aggressive front fascia and a four-tailpipe exhaust system, along with the aerodynamic side sills. Most likely, the production version of the S7 will benefit from a high-performance braking system, a sport-tuned suspension and faux aluminum mirror casings.

2012 Audi S7

Under the hood it will probably feature the same engine as we shall see in the new generation of the Bentley Continental GT, which is a turbocharged V8 4.0-liter unit that will develop at least 429 hp (435 PS / 320 kW).

2012 Audi S7

Source: WCF

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Buy Car Batteries

If you are the owner of a car I’m sure you’ve discovered that for its maintenance you always need parts. Car batteries are the parts more frequently in need of replacement, so you should know a thing or two about what to look for when you need to buy a car battery. The main features of a car battery that you should keep in mind are the cold cranking amps (CCA), its defining reserve capacity and of course the group size.

First of all you need to make sure the size is right, because otherwise it won’t fit. And it’s not that hard to decide because on the market you can find only four different sizes for car batteries: 37, 75, 34/78 and 65. If you have any doubts or no idea which to choose you will just have to check the car’s manual or ask your mechanic. This is fairly simple.

Next, you should look into the CCA matter. The CCA is important especially if you live in an area with a cold climate that will require your car to start at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If that’s the case you need to make sure the battery’s voltage is enough to get your car started even at the lowest temperatures. Consumer Reports will be able to direct you towards the car batteries that can offer you a reliable CCA. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the car’s specifications because there’s a certain level of CCA that’s required for a certain car model. This is usually specified in the owner’s manual.

Another feature that should influence your decision to buy a car battery or another is the estimated life span. You should try to find out how long the manufacturer assures you the battery will work before it will have to be changed. You should also try to get an idea of its reserve capacity. In other words: how long it will keep running once it’s empty. If the alternator stops working there should a few minutes when the car runs on battery. That’s why it’s always a good idea to buy a car battery with a significant reserve capacity that will be useful when the car just doesn’t want to start.

If you have sorted out all these details it’s now time to head into a store and look only for the car batteries available that have been on the shelves for a maximum time period of six months. That’s easy to check if you pay attention to the shipping date code on the label. That code contains a letter that stands for the month while the following numbers indicate the year. For example an “A” followed by an 8 stands for January 2008.

Warranty should always be on your mind when you buy a car battery. A great warranty should involve a generous free replacement period and as many months as possible of coverage. Some people prefer a longer replacement period rather than many months of coverage, but that’s all up to you. Usually you will find these details on the battery expressed in months: the replacement period/number of months of coverage (for example 12/84).

Some of us like to get our hands dirty and do the job ourselves. So, if you want to replace the car battery yourself you should buy one with a handle to make your job easier. If you’re wondering about manufacturers, there are plenty on the market. Some reliable examples would be Duralast, Napa or Everstart, but you should consult with your mechanic and decide what’s best for your car.

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Peugeot 206 Used Car

Peugeot 206 is one of the best sold cars on the UK market. There are plenty of 206 models to choose from. Half-a-million sales were registered in seven years. That’s because this supermini car offers diverse choices for the engine type and displays an incredible body style. That was the secret that kept this car fashionable and cool despite its many years of existence. Even as a used car, the Peugeot 206 is still easy to drive and represents the perfect car for tackling city routes.

The Peugeot 206 comes equipped with a four wheel drive system, a five-speed manual transmission, coil springs, shock absorbers, an antiroll bar, air bags for the driver and the passengers, side impact protection and many other features which were added during its often improvements. The basic Peugeot 206 model equipped with a 1.4 liter engine is able to produce 60 horsepower at 5,250 rpm. It also features front disc brakes made of solid cast iron while in the rear this car features drum brakes. The most important question is if the Peugeot 206 used car remains as viable and powerful as its new self and if it can still win over any customer interested in a used car. I think that this question’s answer can be found only by driving one of these Peugeot 206 models. If you are interested in buying a used Peugeot 206, you should keep in mind some tips that will help you purchase the best used Peugeot on the market even if you don’t get to drive it.

The first things you should check on your used Peugeot 206 (regarding the technical and engineering components) are the spare wheel, the engine, the central locking, the instruments and its practicability. Check if the spare wheel is still under the boot floor, in the cradle, because this component is easy to steal. The best way to keep the spare safe is by purchasing a £40 lock. The engine version is usually the 1.4 liter petrol standard engine and the front suspension is also included. You might also find problems of the electronic management system which can affect the normal functions of the automatic gearbox.

The central locking can also be damaged if water has entered the control box which is placed in the footwell. These kinds of problems are common for the models manufactured before 1999. Another thing to keep in mind is to check out the instrumentation because there were some problems with the indicators stalks. That’s true for the cars manufactured in 2001 because the later Peugeot 206 models should be fine. When it comes to the practicability of this Peugeot 206 used car, I must say that it’s a five-door model with a small premium package. The sporty GTI is available in the three-door version and it will cost you with around £150 to £200 more.

You should also know that the diesel version of the Peugeot 206 is famous and appreciated by most customers. The only models you should avoid are the 1.9 liters and the 2.0 liters HDI versions manufactured between 1998 and 1999. That’s because the cars manufactured after 2000 offer a better warranty, more specifically a three-year warranty.

The price for a Peugeot 206 used car depends on the car’s year of manufacture, the model, the engine’s capacity and the optional features available. The prices can range between £2,300 and £8,000 for a model with a 1.6 liters engine while for a 2.0 liters engine capacity the price can go up to £11,500. For the 1.4 liters version, the price is around £5,000.

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Buy A Car Without A Loan

It’s always a good idea to buy a car without a loan if you hate payments and can afford it. It will definitely save you some money and reduce the stress level in your life. The only way you will be able to buy a car without having to pay interest rate is by saving money years before you will need a new car.

It has been estimated by Consumer Reports that a car which has been well maintained while being used can be driven as much as 200,000 miles. So, let’s now do a little math. If you usually drive between 12,000 and 15,000 each year, you will be able to use the car you own for 13 to 16 years if no out of the ordinary event occurs. Let’s just hope no unfortunate accident will get your car totaled. But considering that this is the ideal situation and most of us hate being stuck with driving the same old car for years in a row, let’s just think about the more realistic numbers. For example, if you want to buy a car without a loan, if your car is 1 to 3 years old, you should wait another 5 to 6 years before buying a new one and save some money in the meantime. If you own a 4 to 6 years old car in 3 to 5 years you will need a new one while if the car is about 7 or 9 years old you should think about a new purchase in about 2 years.

So, now that we’ve taken care about the time frame, we should think about a saving plan. Let’s just say that it might be wise to make your car payments in advance. You should just find out what’s the monthly payment for a car that you would like to buy right now and deposit each month half of that amount in a separate bank account. The pressure on your family’s budget will be less and you will be prepared when it’s time for a new car. If you are the kind of person that easily forgets or gets easily distracted you should think about automating you car payments. You can have the monthly saving extracted from your monthly income and placed in that separate bank account. Any financial institution will be happy to help you with that.

Now let’s talk about that account. You should find a type of account that provides a high interest rate for savings. You are not going to pay interest, but benefit from it, so it should be as high as possible. Once you’ve done working on the budget it’s never early to start looking for a great deal. You should definitely do that with 9 or 12 months in advance if you aren’t the type of person that watches the market constantly. Ask yourself what type of car you want, think about the transmission you would be interested in, the optional packages you find necessary and then estimate the total cost that will be involved. Also find out the gas mileage of the car you want to buy without a loan because that number will affect your family’s budget on long term.

So, the key to buying a car without a loan is to be prepared, always think in advance and have wishes that are friendly to your budget. In the end, you just need to realistically save money in advance and once you make up your mind follow through. Don’t let the dealer change your mind! Stick with the budget car you chose!

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Buy A Second Hand Car

Buying a used car is like walking through a mine field since you could always end up stepping on a “lemon” because despite all the customer protection and lemon laws, you don’t have any guarantees that the car you’ll get will be a good one. Therefore you need to check out some things before you actually start looking for a car.

Very important: you must understand that a new car does not suffer the same dramatic depreciation a new car suffers therefore is more cost effective. You need to make a good budget so that you know what car you can and cannot afford to get. That involves keeping updated tabs on the prices and their fluctuation on the market.

In case you already have a car, than take into consideration the possibility of making a trade at a dealership. Don’t limit yourself only to second hand dealers. New car dealers that have leasing capabilities, are bound to have some used cars for sale as well. A trade in, with your old car plus a couple of thousands of dollars can get you in a great car that has barely been used (considering the clauses of the lease contract). Also take into consideration the fact that a car purchased through a dealer will offer you a lot more protection since, you are getting out of there with an extended warranty for your major parts.

Pick your car carefully. If you can find a car that is three or four year old, and has less than 15.000 miles per year, than you’ve found the perfect car. A car can be categorized as harshly used if it has more than 20.000 miles per year. Therefore, if your car after 4 years of use has 50.000 miles than it’s just great. Don’t take into consideration only the model or the appeal of the car. For example a saloon car might not be as attractive compared to a convertible or a luxury car, but it can be a lot cheaper and a lot easier to maintain.

Now that you’ve figured out what you need and want from a car. Let’s make sure that you don’t buy a lemon. The first thing to do when you see a car is check the VIN on the engine plate. Make sure that it matches with the number crossed on the registration documents because if it doesn’t than you might end up buying a stolen car.

Next step is the test drive. Under no circumstances you are to purchase a car without having it tested at least for a couple of miles. If you sense any kind of hesitation from the dealer or the individual you’re visiting regarding the test drive, than walk away without blinking because you’re dealing with a dishonest person that wants to sell a piece of junk.

During the test drive make sure to test everything. The way you sit in the car, if it’s comfortable and accessible, check the interior space and the features equipped on the car such as the air conditioning, audio system and other electronics. During the test drive, make sure to pay attention to all the details. From the engine start you can figure out the state of the engine. During the drive make sure to test all the elements. See how easy the steering wheel moves, the maximum steering angle, how easy it shifts into gear and so on. Make a few strong stops to test out the brakes and see how fast the car stops. Pay attention to these aspects when you purchase.

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Buy Car Wash

Taking our current times into consideration, having a single job with a single income might not cut it when it comes to raising family, so people tend to construct small businesses to keep “around the house” while they continue to work. Some of the most popular and profitable businesses is the simple yet popular car wash. It doesn’t take much to equip one and you’ll be having a lot of interested customers if you do a good job and have reasonable prices. If you’re interested in starting your very own car wash business there are some things you can establish.

First you’re going to need a place. If you’re currently employed and wish to keep working as well, you will have to find a car wash that is located near your home, or near the workplace, or somewhere in between. The road to the car wash shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes since you’ll want to head there just about every day. If you think you can find a trustworthy attendant, than you can widen the perimeter around your home or workplace.

If your home is in an urban or suburban area, than, a simple software such as Google Maps is your best friend when you’ll establish a place for your car wash. You can easily check all the other car washes and their location so that you’ll know what “you’re up against”. The ideal place is the one as close to your home as possible but as far from any other car wash as possible so that you can reduce the competition to a minimum.

Accurate records are your allies so have them close by. Gather and keep information about the types of services used at other car washes, get tabs about the prices and other pertinent data that could help you make the bigger better offer. Try your best to get a few photos from each car wash you visit. It will be of great use to you when arranging your own place.

Ok now that we’re done with the research part, let’s get down to business.

What is considered the best way (yet not necessarily the fastest) to find a car wash for sale is simply approaching the owner. Simply head to a car wash that is known to want to sell and ask for the owner. If you don’t find some contact details such as an owner’s phone number or address, than you can have a little discussion with the attendant or the manager to find out some of the technical characteristics of the car wash.

Another great source of finding a complete car is through the chemical suppliers located in your area. A good place to start is in the yellow pages under Car Washing and Polishing. Another idea is to call the chemical supply company. There you can speak with the individual that currently owns the area where you plan on purchasing the car wash.

You could always head to the library and have a snoop through the Sunday paper. Any business such as a car wash for sale will be crossed under Business Opportunity section or the Business For Sale section. Remember that it’s not necessary to start with last week’s paper. You can head up to 12 months ago and check out all the ads that catch your eye. Of course, this is a time consuming effort but it can pay off since, first of all, you can more than once at the library and have a look, and you find out about every car wash placed up for sale.

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Car Shipping Discount

Car Shipping Discount
A discount is always welcome, no matter what you are paying for. If you buy a car you look for incentives and discounts, if you purchase car insurance you look for bonuses and discounts, if you lease a car you look for the best offers with low interest rate and discounts and of course, if you need to ship your car to a far away destination you should also look for car shipping discounts and season offers.

So, if you have ever wondered if you have any chance to receive any discount when you ship your car, let me tell you that you can as long as you play your cards right. The amount of discount and the conditions in which the discounts apply vary from car shipping company to car shipping company but some of the rules remain the same. For example, one type of car shipping discount commonly offered is that for shipping multiple cars. It usually represents 10% or 5% of the car shipping cost and is very advantageous for car dealers or classic car collectors that want to display more than one car during a classic car show.

Another car shipping discount you might easily be able to be eligible for is the one offered for those who book their shipment early. The amount of discount usually represents a few percentages of the total cost. Some car shipping companies also offer discounts for those who use their services frequently. So, if you need car shipping often it would be a good idea to find a reliable company and hire it for all your future shipments. There are also two other types of car shipping discounts that apply in more specific conditions. I’m talking about the military discounts meant for those who serve their country and about the discounts involved by college car shipping. So, if you fall in either category you should use that to your advantage.

The type of car shipping you choose can also be a source of discounts because for the terminal-to-terminal shipping, many companies are willing to reduce a little the price. In addition, if you decide to ship your car during the winter months and on a route that they regularly cover, a car shipping discount will become available. You can make yourself eligible for a discount also by taking advantage of the companies that offer car shipping discounts for those who are members of an organization like the American Automobile Association (AAA) or other auto clubs.

So, if you want to save money on your car shipment and you want to benefit from as many discounts as possible, you should consider the following steps. First of all you should consider getting as many quotes as possible from different car shipping companies. To get some help, you can use websites like auto-car-transport.com or MonsterMoving.com which will gather quotes from more than one shipping company. You can also search for the companies that are currently offering special promotions on their services and get more details. Next, you should consider using the same shipper for more than one time in order to benefit from the discount I mentioned before and plan ahead for the purpose of becoming eligible for the booking early discount. That’s because you will be giving them time to use a hauling truck for your car’s shipment. Once you decide upon a car shipping company, mention all the particular features of your shipment that might provide a discount and feel free to negotiate the price a bit. In the end, the price can only go down or remain unchanged.

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Kia Used Car

The Kia Motors Company was founded in 1944, but only in 1992 started exporting cars to the USA market. This company is known for its affordable cars and the incredible warranty offered for them: 10 years or 100,000 mile warranty. That’s why Kia gradually became a fierce competitor on the market. Nowadays, this company manufactures 14 different car models including the new Soul and the redesigned Sorrento SUV. The best sold car was the Kia Spectra and since it was replaced by the Forte, there are many customers interested in purchasing used Spectras. So if you are interested in buying a used Kia car then you should take a look at the Kia Spectra model. This could be your dream car because it has many of the features that a family car should offer.

The Kia Spectra is a compact vehicle manufactured by Kia Motors from 2000 to 2009 and is a fully equipped model released on the American market under the name of Sephia sedan. Later on, the car was renamed and is now known as Kia Spectra sedan. The 2002 Spectra was available in different trim levels including the base and the LS trim which had two versions the GS and the GSX trim of the sportier version of the Spectra. Both models are equipped with a new grille and new front and rear lights while the LS displays as an extra feature, grille chrome accents. In addition, for the LS sedan and the GSX hatchback were available foglights as a standard feature. The exterior design is completed by the 14 inch wheels.

Inside, the Kia Spectra is roomy and comfortable while the controls are placed handy. It features power steering, intermittent wipers and cassette player. If you are interested in the LS or GSX version then the optional features are more complete including air conditioning, a tilt steering wheel, cruise control, alloy wheels and an adjustable seat for the driver. In addition, the GSX hatchback version also features a rear window wiper, a rear spoiler, more cargo space than the sedan and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Even if the backseats are cramped for adults, this model is perfect as a family car.

The LS version offers a lot of features such as AM/FM cassette, full wheel covers, tilt steering column, four-speed automatic transmission, rear-seat heater ducts and a seat-cushion tilt for the driver’s seat. Another available option package includes power windows, cruise control, tachometer, AM/FM/CD six-speaker audio system and mirrors and door locks.

Under the hood, the Kia Spectra hides a 1.8 liter DOCH I4 engine able to produce around 125 horsepower. It can feature a five-speed manual transmission or an optional four-speed automatic transmission. Any used Kia Spectra is also equipped with front and rear stabilizer bars, power-assisted front disc brakes, rear dumpers and a fully independent suspension. As a result, the handling and the steering are incredibly agile and smooth. When it comes to the safety measures, along with the brakes and suspension, the Kia Spectra is also equipped with driver and passenger front airbags, adjustable shoulder belts, child seat anchors and an emergency internal trunk.

In the Kelley Blue Book, the price for a used Kia car ranges between $4,225 and $4,600 depending on the version of Kia Spectra you want to buy for your family. The other factors that could influence the price of a used Kia car you plan on buying are the odometer reading, the usage history and the overall working condition of the vehicle. Consider taking with you a specialist when you decide to buy a used Kia car.

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Classic & Sports Car Magazine

The Classic & Sports Car magazine is a market leading monthly publication that addresses its content to those interested in buying, maintaining, restoring or only dreaming about the many incredible classic cars on the market. It was launched in 1982 and it’s a British magazine published every month by the Haymarket Magazines. Many consider it to be the world’s best-selling classic car magazine. This incredible publication covers because of its many articles all the types of classic vehicles that the collectors are interested in, beginning with the Jaguar E-types and MGBs and ending with one-offs, prototypes and the greatest classic race cars ever.

All the pages of the Classic & Sports Car magazine describe classic cars manufactured all around the world, over the time, by different car brands. The editorials focus on describing the design of these special, extremely valuable vehicles, the manufacturing principles being supported by numerous photos. The magazine is also interested in offering as much support as possible for those who buy or sell amazing classic and sports cars. In fact, it is one of the biggest and most respected classic car marketplaces that have been created over the time, all around the world, with the intention of gathering the classic car collectors. Because of this reason, the magazine’s representatives considered that it was time to go to the next level, to an international readership and system of advertisement. This initiative has transformed this magazine into a global publication licensed not only in the United Kingdom, but also in countries like France, Germany and Indonesia.

An interesting feature of the Classic & Sports Car magazine is that the entire team who works hard every day for its monthly release has a personal interest in classic cars and that is easily seen in the articles written. That’s why, every month, car enthusiasts have the opportunity to read under the “Our Classics Pages” theme an exceptional article about the latest triumphs or dramas the staff “suffers” because of the classic cars that one of them owns. The main subjects that are debated in the Classic & Sports Car magazine are grouped under several categories such as news and events, glossy features on the finest classic and sports cars, buyer’s guide, review from motoring art to Automobilia, living with Classics and buying & selling. And there is still room for more in the future editions!

The Classic & Sports Car magazine subscription is mainly focused on spectacular restorations, on classic car models that belong to readers willing to present their beauty in the magazine’s pages and also on product tests and buying advices that many readers might find useful and even apply on their next purchase. This subscription is meant to be useful and entertaining, all in the same time. The section dedicated to the buyers guide offers accurate prices and contact details for some of the models and makes described in other articles. Because it describes the most elegant and finest classic cars that you can find on the classic car market, it’s definitely the perfect guide for buyers and also for sellers of classic vehicles.

If you are interested in making a subscription to the Classic & Sports Car magazine then you should know that for a six month subscription you will have to pay only £21.65 while for an entire year the subscription will cost you around £44.50. That’s how you will end up saving around 20%. So, if you are a fan I recommend the one year subscription because it is not only cost-effective but also an investment in a hobby that is worth supporting.

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Honda CR-Z Racer, Heading To Le Mans

At the beginning of this week, the Japanese automaker Honda announced that they will take the CR-Z Racer for a few demonstration laps during this year’s edition of the famous 24 hours Le Mans race. Created by Honda Performance Development (HPD), the car made its official debut at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas while the racing debut occurred at the Thunderhill 25 Hours.

As a reminder, the Honda CR-Z Racer is powered by a 4-cylinder 1.5-liter engine that features turbocharging and direct injection, working together with an electric motor. The power unit was installed transversely and allow of those 200 ponies are sent to the front wheels. The peak torque of the engine is rated at 237 Nm.

Source: Honda via ZerCustoms

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