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Citroen DS3 Digital Advert – It’s All In the Details

Once again, cars and women seem to go well together, even when it comes to a personal relation developed between those two or to perfectly matched fashion styles and icons. As a result, Citroën has recently launched a colorful and truly feminine digital advert for its DS3. Its creative author: Orla Kiely.

The Citroen ad appears like a natural message about women and DS3 in a fashionable relation, sent from the elegant urban atmosphere of the sixties. The model used in the commercial is Nathalie Sorrell, a symbol of femininity and natural beauty which perfectly blend with the powerful chromatic of the car in the advert concept.


“For Orla Kiely…it’s all about the color!”

Beatrice Moys says, Orla Kiely’s print designer, in the making of video of the DS3 commercial.

Here you can watch the “behind the scenes” video from the filming of the DS3 by Orla Kiely digital advert. Enjoy!


Do you think this video succeeds in capturing the element that activates the purchasing behavior of a contemporary woman? Will a woman be persuaded to actually buy a DS3 as the result of just seeing the advert?

Automotive Industry – the Most Spammed Sector

In those permanently technological changing times, we all enjoy the benefits of internet and emailing. Nowadays, they are more than a necessity; they are a way of living, once that information and being or getting informed became a commodity. However, the informative internet era has its problems too: spamming.

If you have an email address, it’s impossible not to have ever received a spam. Many of us get annoyed by the spamming unwanted e-mails and use to report their authors to the e-mail provider, which actually permanently tries to solve this problem and to maintain its users pleased by their services.

Symantec, focused on identifying, detecting and averting unwanted Internet threats such as viruses, spam, spyware and other inappropriate content, has recently made a study which revealed the fact that the automotive industry is the most-spammed industry from all. The results showed that 84.3 percent of emails sent relating to the industry are considered spam, which is higher than the rate generated by any other industry and even than the global spam rate of 81.3 percent. In addition to that, the rate is continually growing: in January this year, the level of spam in this sector was of 82.8 percent.

According to Symantec’s study, the auto industry isn’t the only one with problems. Financial, chemical and pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing, marketing, public sector, IT and retail industries have more than 80 percent of emails considered spam too.

What do you think that has caused this spike in spamming for this year? How should spamming be prevented by automotive industry?

[Source: Autoblog]

Moms Getting Help to Find the Perfect Minivan Fit

Many times, moms from around the world feel confused when it comes to choosing the suitable car for them and their child, adapted to their needs and to their financial possibilities.

So, in order to solve the situation in which a mom realizes that she should have chosen a totally different car, LeaseTrader.com has created a program to help people to exit their lease contracts by only transferring the contract to someone else interested in the offer. Actually, the entire system leaves moms to trade between one another without using a dealer, which makes it easier and more convenient for busy parents.

The minivan transactions, for example, have increased 7.5 percent since the program began this year, and the members involved in transactions usually belong to the same demographic segment. Apparently, the most undecided or the ones who mostly change their mind when it comes to cars are moms – 67 percent of the persons who use this contract transferring program are moms.

Do you find this option useful? Which might be the problems with those car transactions?

[Source: Motherproof]

Driving Monitoring-Devices from Insurance Companies

Yes, insurance companies decided to spy on us, just as a way to keep our driving habits in check and to establish individual car insurance payouts. If we try to analyze the situation, this measure could be a really useful, just because it doesn’t force the one who usually drive safely to pay higher car insurance rates because of another person’s bad driving habits. And, let’s face the reality: there are far more drivers who don’t have an exemplary behavior while driving than the ones who have it, which really affects us and our insurance bill.

So, some insurance companies have started to offer the option to install a data-monitoring device on your car, which allows them to identify your driving habits, such as what time of the day you’re driving most, how far you’re driving or how hard you’re using the brake. According to insurers, by installing this device, a responsible driver can reduce his insurance rates, with an average saving up to $150 in a year.
Progressive, Allstate, GMAC and State Farm are some of the insurance companies offering versions of this program.

While some drivers refuse to have their privacy violated by such a device, some are really excited about the solution found by the insurance companies as a way to adjust the level of each payment to the personal behavior while driving.

What do you think about this device: are its options enough for analyzing the driving human behavior? Is this device or the payouts implication the solution for trying to set a preventive driving behavior?

[Source: Motherproof]

Women and Advertising in the Auto Industry

Not long ago I have written an article talking about how advertisers tend to increasingly use women in ads for cars, which is not a bad thing at all. What is even more interesting is that, according to a NBC Universal study, brands showing a “softer” side of men in their ad campaigns generate significantly more buzz among women. The research results stay the same for male and female-targeted brands as well. So, in our case, even when it comes to cars, you don’t have to use women to attract women (maybe only the most feminist from them); you have to use the proper men – the opposite of the well-known “alpha male” from the ads from the past 5 years.

What I do not agree with is NBCU’s mention that this consumer behavior is a result of a “gender bender marketing”. What I am supposed to understand from that? That when advertisers are portraying men as sensitive, family oriented and nice they actually describe them as a woman? In this case, maybe somebody should explain it to me, since when someone’s masculinity is limited only to alpha-male stereotyped behavior from old-fashion commercials, it doesn’t mean that, if you are not an ad icon, you do not exist. But I guess the easiest answer would be that it works like in the media field: if something happened and you didn’t see it on TV, that thing didn’t really happen.

Anyway, according to NBCU, the auto industry seems to be the most surprising in this “gender bender marketing” field: Chevrolet jumped 27 spots to #24 on the index for the first time, after the release of it’s “Guys’ Night Out” commercial, which showcased a new dad whose night out with friends is crashed by his toddler’s sing-a-long CD. Kia shot up the index 137 notches to #143 after airing its “Sweet Dreams” spot that put men back in touch with their most innocent childhood fantasies.

Apparently, marketers and advertisers understood that women have the biggest power of decision and that they are the influencers when it comes to buying and consuming any kind of products or services.

What is your opinion: how big is the women’s power of decision? Do men really “bend gender” with women in those ads, or are women the ones that generally get more masculine?

[Source: Press release Nbcumv]

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Third-party Apps for Tesla Model S

Lately, more and more applications for smartphones were developed, so that the automotive industry could not have ignored those technological developments. Consequently, car applications are now in fashion. A few days ago, at Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, revealed the fact that the upcoming Model S electric sedan would be equipped with a supportive system for third-party applications and text-voice capabilities.

“We want people to develop car-specific applications [for the Model S],” he told the audience. “And text-to-speech technology can address some of the issues with driver distraction.”

So, what do you think about Tesla’s initiative?

[Source: Venturebeat]

First Fashion Flagship Store from Lamborghini in Europe

We all know women’s regular passion for fashion. So, addicted European women to Lamborghini’s fashion should be overcome with joy by the news that I am about to give: automobile Lamborghini has opened in Berlin the first boutique from Europe dedicated exclusively to the globally successful “Collezione Automobili Lamborghini” fashion collection.

As normally, the concept of the store is to combine fashion with car industry, so a fashion show was enhanced at the event, and, as a bonus, the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 was presented for the first time to the public since its acclaimed world premiere in Geneva.

Why in Berlin? The next words could be considered a possible explanation: “We are delighted that one of the most appealing international brands chose Berlin for its first solus fashion boutique in Europe. It confirms Berlin as a fashion and lifestyle capital with a particular vitality and attraction for the whole of Europe.” (Sandra Salameh, the CEO of LFS Luxury Fashion Store Berlin GmbH).

As a detail, the fashion and accessories range sold in the store are creations of Lamborghini’s ArtiMarca division, founded four years ago. For those of us who don’t have a way to Berlin for the next months, we don’t have to be upset or disappointed: an online sales outlet, www.lamborghinistore.com, has also successfully established itself on the market in a short time.

So, our fascination for Lamborghini brand is from now on fed not only by the sought-after super sports cars, but by a new fashionable concept too. And it’s also the occasion to pay a new visit to Berlin. “We are pleased to give stylish enthusiasts of Lamborghini, who don’t need to be drivers, a fashionable new Italian address in Berlin!” has declared Stephan Winkelmann, president and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

So, dear ladies, when do we schedule a trip to Berlin?

Note from the author: the store isn’t dedicated only to women.

[Source: Press Release Lamborghini, Photo source: Lamborghini]

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Force Dynamics’ Gaming Simulator Chairs

I have written the other day about F1 racing stimulator playseat and about how difficult it gets for a producer from gaming industry to totally give to gamers the same feeling as driving a real car. It’s true that graphics are currently significantly improved and the processors are more powerful, but there is still the problem of not getting feedback from the road and of not really having the sensation of being on the track.

Lately, companies from the gaming industry have done really huge efforts to overcome those problems, investing in research of human behavior while driving, to come up with solutions and creating the perfect similar feeling of driving to any player. From them, Force Dynamics has done pretty cool things, only by understanding how the human brain receives the information about speed and inertial force in motion. To achieve the right driving feeling, their 401 system features full four-axis motion movements, surround sound speakers and HD displays. Mostly, the stimulator looks like an open top race car.

It’s really interesting to see how they have discovered a way to trick our senses, so that our brain to have the impression of car motion, by visuals, noise, vibration to the experience and by leaning the whole system. Which is great is the system’s ability to rotate a full 360-degree really fast, important in the moments in which your car is spinning: Force Dynamics system is capable of 1:1 ratio between the vehicle rotation and the simulation provided.

When it comes to sound of the engine while driving, we all know that this sensation is quite difficult to imitate. Yet, in this case, the subwoofer is place directly below the seat, providing low frequency vibrations, and the monitor, place in front of the driver, rotates in the same direction and angle with the rest of the system, creating a pretty good equivalent.

The simulator can be placed in any personal home, being really strong, because of its low carbon-steel material in fabrication. As you can imagine, the simulator chair isn’t cheap at all, ranging between $55,000 and $75,000. Probably, for a gaming passionate, this system is all that he could have ever dreamed of, for some, it might be totally deceptive.

What do you think about those innovating discoveries that have allowed the development of such technologies? Do you think this system worth the price?

[Source: Topspeed]

“Never Leave Your Child Alone in a Car!”

When it comes to children, every mother thinks at their safety and protection. Although I do not know in which way you can call a mother a woman who intentionally leave her children unattended in the car or, even worse, forget about them and lock them in the car.

However, it’s tragic that such things do happen, as it seems, quite often: for example, only in Texas, in 2010 13 children died from heat stroke and thirty percent of the recorded heat stroke deaths in the U.S. occur because a child was playing in an unattended vehicle.

In those conditions, the initiative of Safe Kids USA and General Motor Foundation of making a prevention campaign to make car owners understand the critical issue should be welcomed.

John Formisano, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide, declared:

“Our coalition network across the United States will help alert the 250 million vehicle owners to the dangers because everyone needs to understand this critical issue and how to ensure the safety of children.”

This program tries to teach people about how to ensure the safety of children, so it mobilize police and fire, hospitals, government agencies, child care centers, businesses and others, to share with parents and other caregivers prevention messages to address the dangers to children in vehicles.

In addition, the program offers some tips about how to prevent accidentally leaving the child behind in the car, some, in my opinion absolutely stupid, but, apparently, useful for “confused” mothers. Here are some examples:
- lock the car: the easiest way to prevent your child getting locked in the car is to assure that you have locked the car before, so that kids not to enter and become trapped.
- set reminders: apparently, parents and caregivers become sometimes distracted and exit their vehicle without their child (how is that even possible?). The first solution to that: place a bag or any other indispensable object on the floor in front of the child in the backseat to see your child when you try to get it, because, for some of us, your own child is not enough to remind you are not alone in the car. Second: set an alarm on you mobile phone to remind you to drop the child off at day care. Third: set the computer calendar program to ask you if you dropped off the child at the day care.
- call 911 if you see an unattended child in a car: the temperature of children’s body rises 3-5 times faster than adults, which makes them more vulnerable to heat stroke. So, the first place to look for you missing child is your vehicle. And, as a side note, call child protection social service.

The campaign materials will be available in both English and Spanish and will include an advertising campaign too.
If you want to find out more about how to prevent child heat stroke deaths, you can visit www.ggweather.com/heat and www.safekids.org/nlyca.

[Source: Press release Safe Kids USA and General Motors Foundation]

Ducati and Keira Knightley in Chanel’s Film Teaser

Keira Knightley appears near a Ducati motorcycle on the Coco Mademoiselle teaser video of the Chanel’s upcoming film directed by Joe Wright.

Perfectly combined, elegant and stylish – this is how we define both of the main characters in the video. The 25-year-old British actress Keira Knightley wears a matching (naturally) beige leather catsuit and boots, while a helmet is waiting for her on the motorcycle. On the other side, the Beige Ducati 750 Sport definitely catches our attention by its powerful and sophisticated presence.

Overall, the teaser video succeeds into inciting you to watch the movie. The full length version will debut on March 21st 2011, on the Chanel website.

Enjoy the video!

What do you think about the teaser: is the association of Keira Knightley with Ducati appropriated for the image of Coco Mademoiselle film?

[Source: Autoblog]

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Red Bull Augmented Racing On Self-Generated Tracks

Red Bull has created a new app for iPhone which allows users to create their own racetrack by using Red Bull’s cans. In the video below you will see how it works: you build the racetrack by arranging a series of cans in the shape you want and then trace the path by the iPhone’s camera; all the rest will be done by the app, which will process the layout and turn it into a track in the Red Bull Augmented Racing game.

The application is available in the iTunes App Store.

[Source: Redbullusa]

The best car for your teenage kid

We all know a couple’s life is profoundly affected when children appear in the house: there are so many moments when you’re forced to sneak with your husband from the curious eyes of your little ones, when you must not forget to lock the bedroom door each time you need intimacy, plus that you have to refrain from waiting for your husband with breakfast or dinner ready in a semi-nude outfit.

So your life as a couple gets infinitely better when the children are all grown up and that they can go out unsupervised. The Consumer Reports’ list of recommended car models suitable for teens is out, so you can send off your kid to get some ice cream or whatever it is they do these days.

The Consumer Reports’ list took into account safety, how you can take control of the car in crisis situations, acceleration and size (too many teenagers in a car = trouble). And, of course, price. For less than $12,000, you can buy:

  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Volkswagen Rabbit
  • Hyundai Elantra SE
  • Acura TSX
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Ford Focus Sedan
  • Scion XB
  • Mazda 3 Touring Hatchback

Check out the entire Consumer Reports video:

Photo source.

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Apple iPad 2 in-dash Installation Kit

No sooner had the new Apple iPad 2 been launched, than SoundMan found a way of installing it on a car, a 2011 Ford F150. The team installed the device using an installation kit created by Doug Bernards. The entire process needs more than a little fabrication and it takes a full-day to have it on your car.

All the steps of the installation process are presented in the video below:


What do you think this installation kit lacks? Which are its shortcomings?

[Source: Soundmancaraudio]

Car Care Council Women’s Board Scholarships

The Car Care Council Women’s Board offers scholarships to women students who get educated for a career in the automotive aftermarket. This year, the Women’s Board scholarship program collaborates with the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) scholarship program.

The Car Care Council Women’s Board is composed of professionals concerned with informing the female audience about car care and encouraging the youths to consider “automotive” a career choice. Their goals are to make women active in vehicle maintenance, to promote opportunities for women to make a career in the automotive or service industry. Members of this board are motor sports figures, service shop owners, writers, association and company executives and consultants, and they also feature scholarship programs to female students who are heading into an automotive career.

If you are interested into getting educated in the automotive industry, you can check for further details on Carcare and send your application online.

[Source: Carcare]

GPS Used by Pilots for Checking Weather Conditions

GPS devices are popular for drivers, as well as for pilots, but when it comes to pilots, the need is a little more complex, because it involves real time updates about the weather too, no matter how long a flight is. The weather details have been displayed for decades in the cockpit, but with really high costs and limited to scanning only in front of the aircraft. So, pilots try to compensate these limits by using the communication with the ground based weather services.

Some newer aircraft use the current technology, having satellite weather capabilities with GPS too. But, on the other hand, there are still many older aircraft that cannot support this system. Nowadays, the GPS portable devices used for cars are equipped with weather capabilities, so they can be used on airplanes too (older models or business jets), with a much lower price.

Using this in-cockpit weather device, pilots can receive and monitor the weather in real time, providing enough time for pilots to make alternative plans in case of weather problems.

Do you think that this is a more secure system for checking the correct weather condition? Would you feel more confident and more relaxed on an aircraft using this technology?

[Source: Wired, Garmin]

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