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Tips & tricks for insuring your performance car

So, you’ve managed to get a hold of a performance car. It’s shiny, fast, and the engine roars like a caged lion. However, before you get that machine onto the tarmac, you’ve got to make sure it’s insured, and while you may think it’s exactly the same in terms of price or choice for a Ferarri as it is for a Mini, it’s not.

Don’t feel disappointed – we’re talking about repairs and insurance.
It’s no different from having a child, or a dog. You take care of them both, in different ways, but you can’t take your child to a vet, or your dog to a doctor, because they need their own specialists. With performance cars, it’s the same; you have to hunt around for specialist mechanics and parts, and this tends to cost more.

However, as it’s on your insurance policy, that means the insurer will issue you with a higher premium, as opposed to one for a car where the parts are in abundance and any mechanic can repair the vehicle should it require repairs. But this can be helpfully mitigated by ensuring that if you can pay for small repairs yourself, do so – it means that you’ll pay less in the long term, and in fact build up a considerable no-claims bonus as you’re not claiming for compensation from your insurer for small accidents or required repairs.

Performance cars are also higher-risk vehicles, due to how powerful and delicate they are. They’re not driven like Ice Cream Trucks, and this is because no one buys a Porsche to drive it at ten miles an hour! However, if you’re unsure of getting behind the wheel of such a powerful car, then perhaps take a few training courses so you’re more prepared for the jump from an everyday conveyance to something a little more powerful.

Lastly, don’t forget to look for the best possible deals, and try and
avoid comparison sites, as larger insurers like Aviva car insurance tend to avoid them too, due to their approach to commission (your insurance actually costs less than the figures on the comparison website – it has to, or the site can’t operate at a profit). As long as you shop around, pay for small repairs and ensure that you’re confident enough piloting the car around, you can relax and enjoy the exhilarating ride that is owning a performance car.

Expert driving techniques that could save your life

As any self respected Internet addict, I have grown fond of infographics. I am even more into them when they actually feature some useful information. That’s why I’m about to present you with one of the longest, most interesting infographics I’ve come across.

These pieces of advice won’t instantly turn you into Michael Schumacher or The Stig, but they could help you get out of a hairy driving situation if you should become involved in one. So here goes: Expert driving techniques that could save your life.

Infographic source: Coolinfographics.

Lenny Kravitz rocks the new Jeep Wrangler

Cross promotion is something that really works in the automotive world. The latest example of this marketing trick is the colaboration between Jeep and Lenny Kravitz. The rockstar was hired to shake the company’s image and give it that rugged sex appeal that the new 2011 Wrangler needed in order to capture its audience.

Although Lenny doesn’t strike me as a woodland creature, his image is quite compatible with what the 2011 Wrangler tries to communicate.

Along with the ad, Jeep offers its audience a glimpse of a new song that Lenny has prepared for his upcoming album. This exposure trade seems to work okay for both sides. I’ll let you see the ad and then I can’t wait to hear your opinions.


So, rockstar worthy or not?

DIRT 3 gets down and dirty with Ken Block and Tanner Foust

Just 6 more days until DIRT 3 hits the market! That means that we’ll leave our fancy rides in our elegant fantasies and , on May 24, we’ll get down and dirty with a bunch of hot rally cars. It feels good to stir up the dust and burn some tires.

Until we get to play it ourselves, Ken Block and Tanner Foust take their well prepared Ford Fiestas to the track. The things they’re up to, oh you’ll enjoy them a lot! I guess good old car stunts never go out of style. This look like soooo much fun! We can’t wait to get our hand on it.

Enjoy the trailer!


What do you think about it?

Source: Topspeed.

The 17th season of Top Gear set to air on June 12

If you’ve been missing the automotive adventures of the three most provocative show hosts to ever walk the Earth, then some say that they’ll be back soon. More mind-boggling auto challenges and drive test are coming your way next month!

Rumors go about that on the 12th of June Top Gear will make its comeback with the 17th season of the show. And by some we mean the Dutch edition of Top Gear magazine.

We were very disappointed when the 16th season ended after just 6 episodes. We can’t wait for more action and some intrigue, because we bet there will be bloo…. mentions of the Tesla episode and many more awe generating moments.

Are you as excited as we are?

Photo source.

Audi’s new commercial picks on BMW, Mercedes and Lexus

What makes the best impact the auto industry marketing area? Picking on the enemy. Nothing rattles the boat like a well place snide comment about the competitors. Of course, this is also something that attracts a lot of attention from the press.

Yes, Audi, we fell for your little advertising scheme, but we want you to know that we’re aware of what you’re trying to pull off. Still, we like to enjoy you boasting about stealing customers from BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. I guess time will tell who’s the best.


What do you think?

He failed once, but didn’t give up

That’s the story of a fail. We present you a sure way to ruin not one, but several cars with a only one bad towing job! Yes, this fail can be yours today. And because we feel generous, we’ll double the fail, triple the excitement and laugh out loud. (See what I did there?)

Now this video is 3 years old, but still funny. Oh, Youtube, how we love you.

Enjoy, dear readers!


Source: Failblog.

Lexus 3D projection on LA’s Roosvelt Hotel

Lexus has taken to the trend of 3D billboards and has gone all the way with promoting their new hybrid, the Lexus. The car maker turned Los Angeles landmark, Hotel Roosvelt, intro a display of all things celebrating the bond between cars and the Earth we live on. Although this relationship may not always be perfect, it’s still something worth materializing into an entertaining piece of 3D projection.

I have to say that this is one of the best 3D building projections I’ve seen. The Lexus CT 200h was presented in the best way possible. From the script to all the tiny details, it’s something memorable. Hit play and check it out!


Action! Mercedes-Benz Drive & Seek movie is here

We’ve been waiting for the “Drive & Seek” short movie from Mercedes-Benz ever since the first trailer hit the web. It promised all the action, the drama and the fun of a car chase in just a few minutes. Just like an action movie, but without all the dialogue that gets in the way.

It delivered just that, with an added touch of elegance, grace, charm and unmistakable style. Mercedes managed to blend all its values into a piece of entertaining cinematography. The C Class Coupe couldn’t have made a better entrance.



One origin. Two originals. – the new BMW campaign

BMW has always had the most original marketing campaigns, so it’s no wonder that they’ve come up with yet another twist in order to promote their brand. This time, they’re taking a double approach, casting twins from all over the world to appear in their new campaign.

They’re aiming to emphasize the similarities and differences that can exist even between a pair of twins, aspects that build character. Of course, the contest is very motivating, since the winners will get an exclusive “One origin. Two originals.” Edition iPad 2.

Still, we wonder which models BMW is planning to promote through this campaign. Until the big reveal, we’ll leave you with the video that explains the concept of the campaign. Enjoy!


Volkswagen Amarok – demolition experts

Volkswagen went big with promoting its Amarok pick-up trucks in the UK. If a Touareg can pull a plane, why can’t four Amaroks bring down a 67 meters tall steel chimney? The fall of the mighty industrial construction was just a matter of revving up the engines of four Amaroks.

From what we could see, the four VWs has no problem with tearing down the 140 ton chimney. I guess 161 hp multiplied by four is all it took. The models were the standard Amarok edition and they left nothing but a huge cloud of dust behind them.

Next, we’ll see these cars in action movies, resisting to zombies and aliens.


What do you think about this PR stunt by VW?

Have you ever seen a car blender?

If not, this is you chance. This should be, every now an then, douchebag parkers’ punishment for messing with our nerves. Although it’s directed and I really don’t feel sorry for the Beetle, it’s a cruel way to end a car’s life.


What say you?

Source: Failblog.

Fast Five review: hot cars, hot girls and some very heavy action


We’ve been waiting for the Fast Five movie to come out for so long, that it just wasn’t enough to see it only once. That’s why we’re probably going to go see it again soon.


If you like cars, you’re going to love this movie. If you like massive action movies and insane stunts, you’re gonna love this movie. If you like hot women… well, I think you got the point. Fast Five delivers what’s expected of it and more. It all starts with Brian on the other side of the law and with Dom about to be put behind bars, when… it all goes down hill.

Imagine a team of maniacs that really love speed and breaking the rules and you’ve got a pretty fun ride ahead of you. The stunts are seriously wild and if Vin Diesel wasn’t enough, they brought The Rock to double the muscle mass on the set.

2010 Dodge Challenger

There will be a lot of fire power and a monster of a armored truck that could, pretty much, drive over anything. The acting is not bad either, although some actors are more authentic than others. But the action will keep you pumped with adrenaline for two hours that you won’t feel fly by.

You definitely have to go see this movie. Careful , though, don’t watch Fast Five and drive, because you might get pulled over before the first red light. It’s that exciting.

PS: Don’t leave the cinema during the final credits, because you’re in for a little treat afterwards.

Have you seen the movie yet? Did you love it or did you love it?

1966 Corvette Grand Sport

Photo source.

London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, gets a Nissan Leaf

Since it became the first electric car ever to win “World Car of the Year“, the Nissan Leaf is getting more and more attention, not only from the media, but also from Government institutions from all over the world. Here’s proof: London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, recently got a Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is part of a project created by the Transport for London (TfL), whose staff will drive the zero-emission car for a month.

This is because London now has the first citywide electric vehicle membership scheme, which consists of a network of integrated electric charging points for EVs. This is all for Mr. Boris Johnson’s goal to turn London into the electric vehicle capital of Europe. Here’s the Maryor’s statement:

“Zero-emission electric cars are perfect for city driving, not only delivering cheaper day-to-day running costs for their owners, but also helping to bear down on pollution levels. With a wider range of vehicles now available, we are shifting up a gear to provide more support through Source London for the increasing numbers of people who want to drive them.”

His goal is to create at least 1,300 publicly accessible charge points in two years’ time. Do you this goal is reachable?

Via Nextgreeencar.

Saab 9-5 SportCombi video presentation

Although Saab is struggling with its financial situation and the entire array of problems caused by that factor, it’s not given up on making cars. The Swedish car maker know that this is not the moment to give up, so it’s coming up with new models as often as possible.

The new Saab 9-5 SportCombi is not a bad looking car, and we’re not saying this just because we pity their situation. This video presentation of the 9-5 SportCombi focuses on design and on creating a certain atmosphere around the model. If you’re interested in its specs, you can check out the article we wrote about it when it was first showcased, at the Geneva 2011 Motor Show.


What do you think about this particular model? Will it help Saab carry on with its automotive passion?

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