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Epic Second-Hand Car Ad for Porsche

We won’t be surprised if we’ll find you that this guy has a job in publicity. If he doesn’t, he should. He is trying to sell his Porsche 911 Supersport through an amateur car ad which lookes better than a proffesional one.

Easy to follow plot, great editing, inspired frames and most of all a beatiful girl. You can’t have a proper car commercial without a beautiful girl, right?

Take a look at the video, you might consider buying the Porsche 911 Targa Supersport if the price won’t go through the roof after this stunt.



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Mercedes-Benz Switched Gifts Short Film

The 5:30 minutes clip was shot in order to promote the new Mercedes-Benz M Class model. The little plot gets you and makes you stick until the end.

A man owning a M Class is shown buying two gifts, one for his mother and the other for his wife. Obiously the gifts are switched and the adventure begins.

During a chase with the delivery company we find out about the eco feature which turnes off the engine during a red light, later on about the navigating system and plenty more. We’ll let you watch if the guy manages to stop the wrong package from being sent.


New BMW 1 Series Commercials

We like the new commercials for the “sporty and fuel-efficient” 1 Series. The concept of the ads introduces two brothers with different habits and personalities which drive the same new BMW stunning model car.


Freddie and Adam’s story will eventualy turn into a short-film. With just a couple days past since the ad’s launch, the second commercial was reveiled and gave the story continuity. The brothers started testing the cars, with different points of view, of course. We’ll let you watch the clip and decide which of the brothers is your favorite.


Kid owns drifting in toy car

Just look at this guy go, people. He definitely has what it takes to be the next Ken Block. The early age means that this is pure talent waiting to be unveiled.

We bet that you never thought a toy car can do stuff like that, but this is just another example that the most important thing is the driver.

Take a look how proud he looks with the girl on the right seat. Surely this guy will be popular through highschool and college.


Roger Federer tests the 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

Everybody knows about the friendship between Mercedes-Benz and the best tennis player of all time, Roger Federer. No doubt that signing a contract with Mercedes has its privileges, but this is just unfair!

The Swiss had the chance to get behind the wheel of the 2012 SLS AMG Roaster, one of the most expected cars this year. He didn’t miss the opportunity to go full throttle and enjoy this supercar just like any lucky man would. Roger acts naturally and has a lot of fun using all those 563 HP . That’s why we love him so much.


OnStar RemoteLink Application Buick Commercial

First there were the classic locks. Then the better locks. Then alarms. Then better alarms with driving-wheel blockers. Then all of them together.

Everybody though of a way to stop the car thieves, but nobody though about the biggest danger to a car’s security: its owner. How many times have you locked your car keys into the car. How many phone calls back home and delays you had to go through before you got them back?

Buick came out with a clever feature to its 2011 LaCrosse Luxury Sedan. On top of the all-wheel-drive, V8 engine and 182 HP, this car can link to your smartphone through an application and unlock the car without the keys. Oh, and by the way, you might consider the dual seat-mounted DVD screens too.


E3 brings F1 2011 first impressions and screenshots

The E3 conference gave the opportunity for the F1 2011 team to release some of the game’s specs. Stephen Hood, chief game designer, talked about some of the career mode enhancements, about the increased number of venues and about the improvements made to the multiplayer mode.

F1 2011 will feature a multiplayer split-screen mode designed for gamers which like face-to-face racing. The main improvement in this section is the full 24-car grid option which is made available starting this year. This comes after several complains made by F1 2010 players who said that the half grid severely minimized the gaming experience.

The carrer mode of F1 2011 will feature more complex and realistic details like press releases post-race containing headlines of actions made by the player during the events and also a co-op carrer mode which will allow two players to act as teammates during a full F1 season.

F1 2011 comes out September 23rd on PC, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3.


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Driver: San Francisco takes car chases to the next level

Starting August 30 car games fans will have a new horizon in their keyboard/joystick/steering wheel and their driving skills put to the test also in a tactical approach.

Driver: San Francisco developed a new sky view system that allows you to slow down the action and choose to drive instantly any car on the map in order to gain leverage on the chase.

Series director Martin Edmondson fully explains this interesting option for the gamers in an interview for gamespot.com in the video below. He also talks about the future of Driver’s franchise, the story and much more.



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NFS The Run Announcement Trailer

If our calculations are correct, this is the 15th Need For Speed game made by Electronic Arts. Some may say it never gets old because of the new models and venues, but last we remember, NFS got us going for real back in ’06 when the 1st Underground game came out. We spent weeks customizing every car to its full potential and drove hours of ilegal racing, but the following years didn’t manage to challenge our gaming mania.

Until EA makes its next breakthrough, we’ll just have to settle for Need For Speed The Run, out on November 15th.



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All-American 70s versus 2011

Hot Rod compared three epic car models in order to see what 40 years of technology combined with tradition can do to a brand. While the engine performance clearly went to the newer models, modern design and series manufacturing made the 2011 cars lose their duels in favor of tradition and originality. Nothing can beat a classic.

The ’69 Camaro SS 396 got into a one-on-one duel with the 2011 model of Camaro SS, the 70s Challenger faced the 2011 SRT8 of the same model and the Shelby Mustang GT500 met his ’69 ancestor.

Watch the full explained video here and make your choice.


BMW 328 Hommage has two built-in iPhones

Celebrating 75 years from the birth of BMW 328 the Hommage prototype has one of the most stunning car designs in history. If in the 1930s the 328 was a dreamy sports car for every driver, 75 years later BMW doesn’t stop to impress. We think it is fair to say that this is one of the most beatiful custom made cars all-time.

This beauty features some unique details including exterior leather side-straps, no car doors, carbon fibre re-enforced plastic, retro round headlights and last but not least, iPhone gauges.

The two built-in iPhones display lap times, GPS maps and other regular informations about the car’s status and are meant to replace the usual board gauges.


New World Record Car Jump

On the 29th of May 2011 the distance of the longest car jump in history was increased by the yellow driver of Hot Wheels, Tanner Foust.

Before the 500 miles race in Indianapolis the 40.000 people audience witnessed a 332 feet long car jump. The vehicle dropped 10 stories and had a slight sideways landing but the driver managed to get back on track and finish the stunt safe and sound. It may look easy, but it surely wasn’t.

Foust said: “When I got up into the truck and on the top of the slope i said to myself “there’s no way this is just 100 feet high, it feels like 900 feet” because when I first saw it from down on the ground it didn’t look so high. I’ve been training for this jump for the last three months.”


Supermodel Jessica Stam is the Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class image

This beautiful 25 years old canadian is one of the top 15 best payed supermodels in the world. Some of her latest gigs include a Vogue cover in Octomber 2011 and a Victoria’s Secret contract which stars her on every Parisian catwalk.

Terry Richardson was the photographer for this Mercedes-Benz shoot meant to promote the company’s Fashion Week. He is known for his fashion works that tend to exploit the sexual side of his models, not rarely Richardson being acused of focusing on the sexual graphics of the pictures instead of highlighting the intended product.

On a closer look at Jessica Stam’s apparel for this photo shoot, the Class-A concept endorses the presence of at least one beatiful woman near the car, even though she may or may not be the driver.


Nissan LEAF 2011 NBA Finals commercial

Nissan will introduce to the market a new LEAF commercial on June 12 during the NBA finals. The ad will try to show a world ruled by gas-powered utilities in order to promote LEAF’s electric engine.

The 2011 version of LEAF will feature an 80kW synchronous motor and a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery. The price starts at $25.500.



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