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Fast Five hits #1 in US box office

A lot of people went out to see Fast Five this weekend in the US. They sure didn’t leave disappointed from the theaters because Vin Diesel’s blockbuster has what it takes to be on top.

83.600.000 $. That’s right! And it’s only the first weekend. If you missed it, there are plenty more chances left to see Fast Five. Go for it!

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Fast Five Germany Premiere

Most of the cast were present yesterday in Germany to honour Fast Five premiere.

The event was held at the Cinedome in Cologne and showed everyone how relaxed the Fast Five stars are. One more day, US, one more day!

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Fast Five Madrid Premiere

Vin Diesel and his co-star Elsa Pataky were present yesterday in Madrid for the spanish premiere of Fast Five.

While Europe got the latest Fast and Furious movie one week earlier, US has to wait until friday.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Fast Five climbed all the way up in the box office with two million dollars worth of tickets in the first weekend.


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Fast Five World Premiere Event

If you missed last week’s Fast Five premiere event, you can watch the full thing on the internet. All the stars were there, all of them spoke with the press and gave a strong feedback about how were the final weeks before the world premiere.

Three more days to go until USA premiere of Fast Five, people! God speed!


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Fast Five Youtube Takeover

Vin Diesel and his crew took over Youtube today to promote Fast Five‘s UK launch.

Access with the volume up for a better experience and witness some cars flying all over one particular Youtube page.

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Fast Five 4 minutes movie clip

Fast Five has just released a 3:44 minutes clip featuring a short part of the vault heist scene from the movie.

You can watch the entire clip on UK’s The Sun website. Just click on this link and enjoy!

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Fast Five car at LA exhibit

Fast Five fans can now view a close-up of one of the cars used in the lastest Fast and Furious movies.

This silver beauty is waiting to be potographed at Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles starting this week.

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Fast Five’s Vin Diesel gets Flamengo T-shirt

The whole Fast Five crew was present last week in Brazil for the movie’s premiere. Sunny Rio de Janeiro was the perfect set up for the stars to honor the local authorities.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson recieved a special gift from the famous brazilian soccer team Flamengo. The two black and red t-shirts were probably the largest Flamengo ever made. The Fast Five stars were happy to wear them, as you can see in the photos below.

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More Fast Five behind the scene videos

Check out a new three and a half minutes video of Fast Five‘s behind the scene. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and producesc Michael Fottrell and Justin Lin.

The Rio de Janeiro surroundings will surely spice up the action. Two weeks remaining!


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Reunited Fast Five Video

Check out the latest Fast Five video featuring scenes from the upcoming movie and interviews with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Ludacris, Dwayne Johnson and director Justin Lin.

The clip shows some first look action scenes from the 4th Fast and Furious sequel and a few dialogues between the leading actors.

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Fast Five behind the scenes video

On the set the crew broke one of the Dodge Charger myths. The car can actually pull a vault and use it as a ball and chain.

Vin Diesel talks about some of the car chases in Fast Five and about the stunts he had to pull off in order to get the job done. Check out the video below.


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Fast Five’s Vin Diesel wins Action Star of the Year Award

The Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada held the annual Cinemacon gala on the 31st of March this year.

Some of the celebrities present were: Hellen Mirren, Julianne Hough, Chris Hemsworth, Natasha Bedingfield, Russell Brand, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Jason Momoa.

Fast Five‘s leading star Vin Diesel was awarded the Action Star of the Year Award. Guess the jury already saw Fast Five, lucky bastards!

This award adds to the other one Vin Diesel got this year from People’s Magazine – Sexiest Man alive on Facebook.

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Fast Five’s bad guys vs good guys duel

Let’s take a better look at Fast Five‘s story:

We’ve got a perfect setup: ex-con – ex-cop plus some of the best drivers in the world all against one of the toughest FBI agents ever seen in a blockbuster. And to make things more complicated, Hobbs’s (Dwayne Johnson) partner for this job is a hot blonde who falls in love with the bad guy.

Why Brazil? Because Dominic is trying not to get caught before his last job that could set him an his crew for life. Let’s face it, we’ve never seen a car chase in Rio de Janeiro before, so that should be thrilling enough. Fast Five comes out April 28th.

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Fast Five Twitter Skins

If you missed the downloads section of the Fast Five Official Website, you in for quite a surprise. If you missed the Fast Five Official Website you’re on the wrong page because this article is for the Fast Five fans.

For all the Twitter users out there, you can find three twitter page themes on the download section of the official site.  One of themes features Vin Diesel and Paul Walker driving fast and furiously, the second shows a face-to-face between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel and the third captures the two good guys jumping off a car.

Spend the last 30 days before the premiere with a custom Twitter theme. Fast Five comes out on April 29th.

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Fast Five Full Cast Poster

A month to go until Fast Five premiere, people. You better start booking tickets!

Check out the full cast poster of the latest Fast and Furious movie and start believing what they say.

Summer starts April 29th!

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