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1996 Cadillac Sedan Deville Used Car Review

Many say that it’s one of the best car they ever had, others that it’s good and reliable, others that it’s luxurious. Let’s find out which one of those is it? Or maybe all of them

Belonging to General Motors’ Cadillac, the “DeVille” or the “town car” as its name stands for, this luxurious long sedan is part of the tenth generation of DeVille cars, and comes with a whole lot of improvements that makes it as users say “one of the best car they ever had”

One of the top new features is the engine upgrade: a Northstar V8 engine is installed in the Deville that gives it a considerable boost comparing it to older models, bringing the car to 300 hp. The transmission has suffered major modifications to ensure a better transfer of power to the wheels.

1996 Cadillac Sedan Deville Used Car Review

These performance tweaks are guaranteed to keep the engine alive and kicking even over 100000 miles. Combined with the new Cadillac’s Integrated Chassis Control System and Road-Sensing Suspension it ensures stability, control, smoothness and finesse during driving.

Another major advantage would be the electronically controlled shock damping, and hydraulic engine mounts combined with the large front drive traction ensures that your car stays on the road even in rain or snow.

A unique feature integrated in the Cadillac is the Rainsense, a system that can detect rain drops on the windshield and activates the wipers automatically at optimal speed to ensure a clear visibility even on the strongest of rains.

Taking a glimpse at the interior of the car, we see a pleasant “Harmony Gray” that tells us to relax because it’s going to be a long drive. A new radio system that is a 1996 debut makes the atmosphere in the car pleasant, a voice activated cell phone is available in portable or non-portable format to make things efficient as well. Personalized door locks are available. Seat positions for the two drivers are commanded electrically, no longer manually and the car climate control gains an air recirculation function.

Not wanting thousands of buttons on your dashboard since you want to feel like driving a car, not a computer, the controls for valet lockout and enabling/disabling traction control are cunningly hid in the gloves compartment.

Taking a look from the outside we’re captivated by the steel monocoque construction with rubber isolated steel subframes so may God have mercy on the one crashing into your behemoth.

So we have a big luxurious car with an improved engine, an efficient and robust transmission, electronic and automatic functions, and lots of cool accessories for a very decent price range from 1800 – 2200 $ depending on what features you want to integrate in your car.

When facing with a choice of picking American luxury automobiles, buyers only think of three options, and every time one of them is the DeVille.

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