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Andalusia Used Car

I’ve recently moved to the beautiful Covington County, Alabama, also known as Andalusia and I’m on the market for some means of transportation. After a little digging I’ve discovered some great deals for used yet highly recommended cars. Let’s check out some of the cars that made top sales in Andalusia.

A top of the line candidate for the minivan section is the 1999 Chevrolet Venture. A lot better than its predecessor, the Venture minivan has scored some considerable sales even gaining a couple of “Best Buy” accolades from the motoring media. Its success lies in the fact that it truly is a dedicated car for the family being equipped with features like a driver side sliding door, passenger side power sliding door, available modular seating, optional integrated child seats, standard four-wheel antilock brakes and optional tractioncontrol. A big engine of 3.4-liter V6 that develops 185 horsepower makes this car able to pull a 3.500 pound trailer load. Best of all it’s in a price range of 2100- 2400$.

Here’s the ultimate off-roader: the 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport. This big machine, holding true to it’s lineage of Jeep, the Liberty has been specially designed to venture off road, a feature not equally shared by the competition. Thanks to the steep approach and departure angles, and extremely well built suspension that is independent on the front and solid axle on the rear, combined with the rack and pinion steering, this car will take you anywhere from mountain side to desert dunes. A 3.7 liter 210 hp V6 engine combined with a six speed automatic transmission and the ability to shift between two-wheel drive and 4 x 4 makes this car a undisputed master of the terrain and it can be yours for 8,200$.

Hold on to your hats! Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 passing by. The all American favorite: the pickup truck has been an enormous hit since 2000. The 2006 Ram Pickup from comes with several upgrades like the new body style called Mega Cab. 20 inch longer than the old Quad Cab, the Mega version provides a best in the business interior. New dashboard center console, seats and radios come with the 2006 package.

1999 Chevrolet Venture

As expected, two and four-wheel drive configurations are offered, both electronically controlled. This “power wagon” is highly afflicted for off-road duty and offers features like electric locking front and rear differentials, an electronically controlled front antiroll bar, 33-inch tires, a 12,000-pound winch, a 2.5-inch taller stance and unique suspension tuning. A huge 5.7-liter Hemi V8 powers up this big pickup that’s saying “I’ll get the job done” simple as that. The price for it varies from 13000-15000$ depending on the equipment and features you go for.

Other cars that may you may seem interested in like the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta, a 1 year old car, therefore packing a whole lot of german engineering and technology inside and outside the hood with a price of 16.000$, highly recommendable. Or if you’re up for another barely used car you may want  to go with the Chrysler 300 Touring once again not even 1 year old. For no less than 18.995$.

Chrysler 300 Touring

I’m getting one. How about you?

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