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Are Used Car Warranties Any Good

All of us worry about buying anything used, whether it’s a car or a house or a toy. We all consider the risk of malfunctioning after a designated period of time, but what happens if the thing you bought crashes the very first day of use?

Nowadays most of the used articles shops, and here we include car shops, which is the object of our study give us a warranty for the object of our purchase. A warranty which is, of course, a considerable smaller period of time than a warranty offered when purchasing a brand new article.

Let’s have a look see through the warranty possibilities given by car dealers, and try to sort out the good things to purchase and the scams.

People presume that the warranty sold by the car dealer is safe. Is that correct? Take another guess. Some warranties, also known by vehicle service contracts, obligates the dealer to offer maintenance and repairs to your car. But what happens when your dealer goes out of business and you remain with a long stare and the null warranty in hand? This situation occurred more than 100000 times after the 2008 recession when many car dealers closed and brands like Pontiac, Saab or Saturn that have been sold went down with them. One situation of avoiding such mishaps is buying directly from the source with a discounted price.

Another good advice from the experts is to use your tax savings to protect your car. Try to invest some of it into an extended warranty which will guarantee you a better coverage than any dealer might get you, so you won’t have to buy an extended warranty from them.

Are used car warranties any good

Be careful when you are choosing extended warranties. Stay as far as possible from cheap auto warranties. Do not let the price be the only guide because without a third party warranty you may end up paying a lot more than a few bucks extra when your car malfunctions and the dealer swiftly “disappears”.

Look for markers like coverage, track record, or ability to pay claims when you decide to go for an extended warranty. There is a huge risk with cheap warranties, because dealers often use tomorrow’s sales proceeds to pay for today’s claims until finally the car crashes and once again the dealer is nowhere to be found. You’re better off getting a used car with absolutely no warranty than a faulty cheap one that is guaranteed to blow in your face.

These are some of the most important things to look for in an extended warranty:

-          Auto Warranty Coverage For Breakdown AND Wear & Tear

-          Well funded and insured car warranty administrator

-          Auto Warranty Contract that takes effect the day you buy it

-          100% Money Back Guarantee on your Auto Warranty

-          Transferable extended auto warranty when you sell the car

-          Car Warranty Coverage For ABS Brakes and Overheating


Bearing all this in mind now I can go with ease and search for the best deal I can get, knowing that my car is insured.

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  • Shannon Paulk says:

    Extended auto warranties are great investments, but not necessarily at the dealership. Some third-party dealers will have the same or very similar warranties for less available through them. It’s definitely worth checking around the web for!