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Classic Car Auction Texas

Classic car auctions are organized every year all around America and are good places for collectors to improve their classic car collection. Most collectors are familiar with the classic car auctions organized in Texas, events that are exciting and display amazing classic cars.

An interesting Texas classic car auctions that was organized in 2010 in Dallas is the Pate Museum Classic Car Auction. The auction took place in Cresson, a town placed a few miles south of Fort Worth. Because the local museum had been closed earlier in 2010, the event had on display the entire collection of the museum. All the classic cars that were part of the collection were sold during an auction hosted by the RM Auctions in Texas.

The auction was a real success with total sales of 1.9 millions. Hundreds of classic car collectors and admirers chose to participate in the event, being interested in experiencing a Texas classic car auction. The event attracted the attention of the collectors that were able to travel to Dallas and see the cars for themselves and of those that chose to bid over the phone or over the Internet.

The first day of the event was focused on 43 cars and over 170 lots that included cars from the Pate Museum Collection and cars from private consignments. The collection included classic and antique cars such as: a 1903 Cadillac Model A Runabout with Rear-Entry Tonneau, a 1934 Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow V12, a 1967 Shelby GT 500 Fastback, a 1935 Aston Martin MKII Tourer, a 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Boattail Tourer and many more.

The star of the event was an original 1935 Aston Martin MK II Tourer that was sold for $187,000. Another classic car that impressed the audience was the 1903 Cadillac Model A Runabout which reached the incredible price tag of $99,000.


A 1962 Checker Marathon Dallas Taxi Cab, supposed to have been hailed by Lee Harvey Oswald following the murder of John F. Kennedy heat the spirits at the auction both in the room and over the phone. The result – the classic car was sold for $35,750 and will be exposed at the Historic Auto Museum in Rockford, Illinois. This classic will increase the collection dedicated to President Kennedy.

Other important sales that took place at the Texas classic car auction were the sale of a rare 1934 Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow V12 that was sold for $139,700 or the sale of a 1929 Roll-Royce Phantom II Boattail Tourer that was sold for no more and no less than $85,250. An amazing attraction of the auction was a 1950 Zim Soviet Limousine that was a gift from Nikita Krushchev, the Premier of Soviet Union, to Einar Gerhardsen, a Norwegian Prime Minister. This classic car was sold for only $26,400.

1929 Roll-Royce Phantom II Boattail Tourer

Even if the Pate Museum closed its doors, the auction was an amazing event and made things much easier for the local people and for the Pate family. The reason of the relief is that many classic cars from the collection will remain home, because they will be available at other museums in Dallas. But, other cars were an opportunity for classic car collectors to find some true gems and increase their collection. Trust me when I say that a Texas classic car auction is a good place to be when you are looking after a classic car.

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