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Edmunds Used Car Prices: Want to Sell Your Car or Buy One?

If you have either bought or sold a used car, you probably are familiar with the Edmunds used car prices guide. This type of resource is helpful in a lot of ways as it contains information regarding current average prices for used cars that are sold on the market. These are of great help not only to seller but also to buyers who are trying to figure out whether they are getting a good deal or not.

Edmunds Used Car Prices

The Edmunds used car prices guide has been developed by grabbing information from an extensive array of sources, including here details about depreciation costs, dealership transactions as well as private seller information. This guide that Edmunds has created divides the condition of a car in five different categories which will be of help when you will judge the price tag of the vehicle that you are thinking of buying.

Most people who are interested in either buying or selling a car consider Edmunds to provide a more accurate guide when compared to the Kelley Blue Book (KBB). Anyway, this guide tries to provide an overall average price for vehicles of a particular make, model, condition and year. The average listed is inclusive of both dealers and private sellers. As a general rule, private sellers ask less money for a car in comparison to a dealer, so the Edmunds used car prices guide can be considered as being somewhere in between so as a consequence, it may list a higher price than what you might expect to get from a car that you plan on selling privately.

If you haven’t heard or used the guide provided by Edmunds before, you should know that it has obtained the first place in many surveys regarding car shopping websites while the Dialscore loyalty survey it obtained the second place. More importantly, Yahoo named it one of the top 50 most useful websites, while Money said that it is one of the 50 most useful financial websites.

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