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Lamborghini Tractor

With an incredible history, Lamborghini conquered the whole world by power and performance. Lamborghini tractors are excellent in the tractor domain. Dedicated to those that want to be a step ahead the others, Lamborghini tractors fill the tradition of the prestigious tractors that maximize their performances with a trendy design.

If we talk about Lamborghini history we can only affirm that this is the main industry and the starter manufacturing of Lamborghini. So, Lamborghini tractors were the best tractors of all times because Lamborghini owner always wanted to create excellent products for the users.

Among the characteristics of those tractors we kind find the Deutz engines, turbo intercooler and electronic assisted, automatic transmission with power shift, 4 speed steps, maximum velocity of 50 km/h limited at 40 km/h, electronic control of back lift with a capacity of 10500 kg, 540 econ with 1000 rpm rear P.T.O., face lifting capacity of 5100 kg, three hydraulic separated systems (transmission, lifting and valves) and finally the suspensions of the cabin are pneumatic.

If these are not enough for you than you have to find out that there are some models of Lamborghini tractors that have capacity of lifting their backs with radar equipment, hydrostatic braking on all wheels and along with the others these are making the Lamborghini tractors perfect.

When you search a strong tractor always ready for work and in the same time to be also elegant, your search will show only one product: Lamborghini tractor. This tractor it is also rational for workers who need all the best features available so it can make their work easily and it has the emotion of a Lamborghini product. No matter how much we will try to compare it with other tractors Lamborghini are the best tractors due to theirs advanced technology incorporated and theirs exclusive style.

Lamborghini Tractor opt Lamborghini Tractor

Lamborghini Tractor

On the website www.lamborghini-tractors.com you can find all information you need about the Lamborghini tractors and much more. For example you can find news and updated information about these machines, information about spare parts and service (the best spare parts for Lamborghini tractors are manufactured by SAME, DEUTZ-FAHR and HÜRLIMANN), technical assistance, financial services, sales network and contacts.

Few models of Lamborghini tractors are: R8. 215-265,R7. 200, R6. 130-150-150.7, R6.VRT 150.7-165.7, R6. 100-110-120, R5. 115-130, R4. 95-105-110, R3.EVO 85-100, R3. 75T/TB-85T/95T/TB, R2. 66-76-86, R2. TARGET 56-66-76, CRONO TARGET 55-70, R1. 35-45-55, RS. 70-75-90-100, RF. 70-75-90-100, CRONO F TARGET 55-70, C. 105, CF. 90-100 and CV. 70-80.

Different model has different options and features available. For all the options available for every model you can access the website I mentioned above. One thing is for sure, if you search for quality and comfort to a tractor then for sure you are searching a Lamborghini tractor.

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