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Make A Window Sticker To Sell Your Car

Whenever time comes to sell our cars all of us want to get to get as much profit as possible. Aside from preparing the car by washing it and making the necessary repairs and upgrades, we also have to advertise it. One affordable way to market would be to make a window sticker to sell your car. We know that there are plenty of firms that will do that for you, but isn’t it more fun to do it yourself? Plus, you’ll save some money which you might want to invest in the car you want to sell.

These window stickers have to provide the potential client with all the necessary and relevant information that they want to know about the vehicle that is up for sale. This means that your sticker must contain the asking price, the condition of the car, warranty (if applicable) or other coverage, along with other details that you think are worth mentioning.

Now, let’s get down to business and explain how you can make your own window sticker to put on your car. First of all, here’s what you will need: a sticker or a large label that you can find at your local office supply store; black permanent marker and a red or green permanent marker.

Using the red or green permanent marker you must write “FOR SALE”. Make sure that you write it big enough so that it can be seen from greater distances. Below that you should write what we’ve mentioned above, like: “x years old”; “only y miles”; any upgrades that you’ve made; warranties and/or other coverage. For these details, use the black marker.

Use the same marker to list the asking price for the car, which should be written beneath the aforementioned details. Be very attentive when you decide what price you put on the sticker. We recommend that you research some of the local newspapers and see for how much money cars like yours are being sold so you can get a general idea about how much you should ask for. After listing the price tag, write your contact information: telephone and/or website/e-mail so that potential clients can contact you.

As you can see, it is rather easy to make a window sticker to sell your car. If you want to add more information on the sticker, you could add the VIN (that 17-character code that you can find on the corner of the car’s windshield), engine type, transmission, trim level, standard and optional equipment, along with the fuel efficiency ratings. Regarding the latter, write down the actual mileage you get, not the official figures published by the automakers as those lose their relevancy over the years as the car gets older.

On the Internet you’ll find dozens of templates that you can print and complete, but if you don’t like any of them, you might as well create one that suits your tastes. This is probably the most affordable method to advertise your car so make sure that the very first thing you do is put a window sticker on it, especially if you drive the car a lot as the more you use it, the more exposure you will get.

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