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How Do I Sell A Car That Is Not Running?

Despite the fact that the car you own is no longer working or it can be quite pricey to repair it, you still have the possibility to sell it. There are lots of car junk yards, enthusiasts, restorers who buy these inoperable vehicles to fix them up and sell for a nice profit. You must find out how much is your junk worth taking into consideration its inoperable state and then search for potential customers where you live.

Your first step would be to find out how much the car is actually worth so that you will not what price tag to set. In order to find this out, it is recommended to have a look at the NADA Guide or the Kelley Blue Book as these are the best sources for determining the fair price tag of your junk. These two guides will provide you with a rough estimate of how much a car is worth, based on the make & model, year of manufacture and the general state of the vehicle.

After finding out how much to ask, now time has come to advertise your vehicle. One way to go would be by placing a classified ad in the local newspaper or you can place posters on community boards. Needless to say, place ads on sites like Craiglist or eBayMotors in order to offer your car more exposure. Make sure that in the ad you include all the relevant details about the vehicle so that the potential customers will be informed.

Step number three consists of getting in touch with car salvage companies or junkyards.  These two buy junk vehicles in order to sell their parts. Most of them come and pick up the car for free and pay you in cash for your vehicle. Most of the reputable firms will ask you to provide the car’s title in order to prove that you are the owner of the car. Although these companies in most cases will offer you less than $200 for your non running car, they might be the only solution to get rid of the vehicle from your garage.

Next thing to do is list the car on eBay as you might get more money from there as opposed to what junkyards have to offer. This would be a great way to find buyers from your area and get in touch with them. Keep in mind that if you find a buyer who lives in other state, you will probably have to make the necessary arrangements in order to get the vehicle to the buyer, which involves towing costs.

You also have the possibility to sell the car for parts. There are many who are looking for certain engines, headlights, tires. You’ll have to advertise the parts just as you would do with the entire vehicle. Usually, you will end up with more money if you sell the car for parts rather than selling the entire vehicle to someone.

Now, the question how do I sell a car that is not running shouldn’t create any problems for you as the process of getting rid of an inoperable vehicle is not that hard as some of you might have thought before reading this article.

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