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Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva is one of the most important car insurance companies in the UK, and occupies the fifth place in the top of world’s insurance companies. Its results are due to the over 50 million clients that are free to choose from a significant diversity of services and products. 28 countries have the opportunity to benefit from these options.

The Aviva’s car insurance company experience on the market helps it keep its customer satisfied. Recently, Aviva invested in the online facility, offering significant discounts that can go up to 20%. Their low cost rates are another incentive that usually convince people to go for the online option and the deals they offer.

Aviva Car Insurance

When it comes to reviews, Aviva is known for its transparent pricing policy and its well built online quotation system that helps the customer have a more complex perspective on the car insurance market. The company also takes into account the clients characteristics when it offers car insurance. For example, if you are an experienced driver, you don’t drive many miles a year or you are wiling to trust the company with the insurance of multiple cars you might be glad to take advantage of impressive discounts on the premium. The Aviva car insurance can be temporary if you wish and if you are going for a permanent one you can choose between comprehensive, theft and third party insurance.

The comprehensive Aviva car insurance is the most advantageous one. For example, all the drivers listed on the policy will be able to have their own no claims discount even if they share the same car. And sometimes building up a positive history with an insurance company like Aviva can bring a lot of benefits in the future. Secondly, this type of insurance comes with an “Underinsured Driver Promise”. That means that if in the accident you were involved, the other driver is uninsured and found at fault your claims bonus will remain unchanged.

So, even if you will be involved in an accident you should not panic. The Aviva car insurance company will make all the arrangements necessary in order to repair your car at an approved garage while making sure you and your passengers get home safely. Moreover all the repairs made during the active period of your car insurance will come with a three years warranty. The company will also provide you with a temporary car that will come with Aviva temporary insurance. In addition, if the car accident wasn’t your fault your medical expenses and the bills associates with car repairs will be covered by the company.

Aviva is always very interested in its costumer’s well being. As a result when the European Court of Justice ruled on the 1st of March 2011 that insurers will not take anymore into consideration gender when they calculate rates, the company posted a response on its site. The company wanted to assure their clients that for now nothing will be changed, considering that the transition period is extended until the 21st of December 2012. Their statement also emphasized that there are many other factors taken into consideration while deciding pricing. They assured their clients that the costs will always reflect the different levels of risk represented by different individuals.

If I got you interested you should check out www.aviva.com in order to get free quotes and some more information on the subject. From there you can go to the sites containing information about the Aviva car insurance available in your country.

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