Avus Performance turns the Nissan GT-R into a matte black beast

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  • intensive driving says:

    I’m reminded of a conversation with a pilot who used to race at Reno in a P51 Mustang, he told me ‘we started with a standard P51 – stripped the engine down and rebuilt her using top spec stuff, fitted a high performance prop, cut a foot of each wing… yep, hundreds of hours later, do you know how much quicker she was? Not a single knot quicker! And the downside… the stall speed was increased to over 100 knots from 65ish’
    In short the only ‘improvement’ they ended up achieving was to make the plane more dangerous to fly.
    I suspect some of these tuning companies spend a lot of time (and money) making cars less good – disagree with me; look at the second hand values of tuned cars!

  • Andrey says:

    you do have a point, but I’m sure that many auto fans out there get excited by even 1 HP more they can get out of their car, no matter what. Also, many of them believe that by tuning them, they make it unique, just like them, and can mock all of the others who didn’t think of that
    and about the second hand value, it’s largely due to the fact that not many people have the same tastes in terms of car tuning, some might not want leather, others think spoilers should be more subtle, etc, meaning that you will have to invest once more in the already tuned car

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