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Get Away Of Your Fogged-Up Windows

Yes, it’s winter; it’s that time of year that forces you to prepare your car more than you regular do during the rest of the year: from tires, engine and heating system, to cleaning the car of snow, deicing the windshield and extremely cautious driving.

Fogged-Up Windows
While some of all those things could be done in advance, some couldn’t. So today we’ve decided to help you with some advice to easy fix your fogged-up window, one of the problems in cold weather. We will provide you some proper interior defrosting techniques, so that, from now on, the fogged-up windows are fixable.

First, you should identify the cause of the problem with your windows. Sometimes it is due to the humidity from inside the car, which can be caused by that fact that there are a lot of people in the car or just by a heavy breather. The situation is worsened if the temperatures dip and then condensation starts to freeze on your window.

Tips & Tricks

The solution: turn on the air conditioning and the fog will clear. And you don’t have to turn the air temperature to cold. It’s an easy thing to do and saves you from driving with your windows fogged up on the inside, which I advice not to do. Wait until they have cleared up and you could prevent many possible accidents.

If your car is not equipped with air conditioning, you can try a few different things, but, unfortunately, the results aren’t as comfortable or as quick as in the presented upper case, but still. An idea would be to just roll down your window, to let some of the humidity out of the car. This is a solution for the warmer days. In winter, all that you can do is to switch you climate control system so that the recirculating air from the outside to be turned-on (it’s the “REC” labeled button; on some cars, the button may show a car with an oval arrow inside of it). The fresh air coming in from outside will keep your windows clear.
If this isn’t enough, involving the scraper, windows down and the person in the passenger seat is still a valid option, even if probably less successful.

What other tips or tricks do you have and use to defog the inside of your car? Leave a comment below.

[Source: Motherproof]


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