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Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

Car auctions are currently seen as the pinnacle of deal making. These auctions are held for double benefits. Firstly it helps the customer that’s seeking a cheap decent car. And on the other hand, helping dealerships that had leases or contracts which clients didn’t respect, so they had their cars repossessed. Of course that’s not the only use. Car auctions can be organizations that gather and advertise the best, most exotic, coolest or rarest of cars. Such auction is the Barrett Jackson Auction House.

Some may think that Barrett Jackson is simply a place where you can buy or sell cars. Those are probably the people that never attended a bidding “a ‘la Barrett Jackson”. Its vice-president Gary Bennett likes to compare the bidding with a race, where every participant feels the “burn” as if each and every one of them would be a professional athlete running for the finish line. Each second feels electric until that hammer comes down and the auctioneer speaks one word “SOLD”. At that moment, the winner get’s to step inside his “gold medal” and drive home in it.

Yet all bidders have to start somewhere. That’s what Barrett Jackson is trying to achieve. They are doing their best to insure that the road to reaching “SOLD” is as smooth and easy for buyers and sellers alike.

Barrett-jackson Car Auction

The road begins by targeting a collector car, and ends with one. As you would do in any attempt for a sale, you need to prepare yourself, prepare the car and in this case, the consignment process if you want to place your car to be auctioned in one of the biggest car auctions in the world. You might as well start two or three months early.

The first step is to acquire a request from to enter a preliminary consignment. This can be acquired online from Barrett-Jackson.com. Along with the form, the seller must bring additional documents, a copy of the car’s title and a couple of photos. Afterwards, you will be assigned a consignment specialist which will work with you, so that the car is presented realistically, on both aspects: description or value. They will contact you constantly via e-mail, phone or faxes, on which you feel more comfortable with, to clarify everything related to the actual presentation and bid. This way you’ll make sure that the possible buyers have the best image of your car.

Their policy demands that a consignor has the responsibility of describing the car from top to bottom, accurately and realistically, since they cannot have complains for a car that they’re only placing for the bid. Another responsibility that comes to the consignor is to make sure that the title and the VIN (vehicle identification number) match, so that there won’t be any problems because the car handlers from Barrett Jackson will check the accuracy of this info when the car is placed at the auction site.

The next step is assigning a Lot number to the vehicle. This number determines the position and time when the vehicle will be placed in a bid. Those lot numbers are dispersed according to a couple of various filters like the car’s value or the current lineup for the day. Each day, will begin the same way: entry level vehicles that have low prices first and then it proceeds to cars with a higher value. This period is called “Prime time”.

Having all this organized you can afterwards sit back (and only that because I doubt you can relax) and just watch as the value of your car keeps rising.

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