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Before and after photo comparison: 2011 BMW X5 facelift

Hello and welcome to a special feature we will be running on our website every time a big facelift is announced. Most people, especially if they haven’t owned the model in question, can’t really tell apart the facelifted edition from the older one.

Luckily, we’re here with a handy before and after photo comparison. This time we’re talking about the recently announced 2011 BMW X5, which received quite a lot of new cosmetic enhancements and, most importantly, plenty of changes underneath its bonnet.

Interested to see a comparison between the 2011 BMW X5 facelift and the pre-facelift X5? Then hit the jump and find out.

First off, let’s start with the front end, where BMW implemented quite a few tweaks and changes. First off, the fascia has been slightly revamped, with plenty of its features now being finished in the body color of the car, instead of the plastic black. The air intakes have been enlarged, in order to facilitate a better cooling for the new engines and the fog lights, as you can see below have also been rearranged, being brought directly underneath the inside of the headlamps. Check out the photo and don’t forget to click on it if you want a closer look (older model on top, 2011 X5 below).

Speaking of headlamps, the new ones on the 2011 X5 now have LED technology, similar to the changes brought by the 3 Series Coupe and Convertible editions last month.

In the rear, BMW also opted for a slight restyle, with the biggest change being the new rear apron, and, like in the front, the body color accesories.

By far one of the most noticeable changes, especially for the people which will drive behind the 2011 BMW X5, will be the taillights, which also feature two LED strips, in the new Bavarian style.

Overall, these are the biggest changes made with the 2011 facelift to the BMW X5 SUV. New engines were also a part of this, but you can read about them in our feature story about the new model, which includes a photo gallery.

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