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Bentley preparing three-door shooting brake and crossover models?

Bentley preparing three-door shooting brake and crossover models?

It seems that the team at Bentley is quite busy these days, as it has just released the Mulsanne, which will be the base for the replacements of the Brooklands and Azure, is preparing to revamp the Continental lineup, and, according to a new report, may also be researching two new cars, a three-door shooting brake and a crossover.

First off, the three-door model will sit below the Continental, and try to please the $100-130,000 price range with performance fitting of a Bentley sportscar. The second however, is a bit tricky, as it won’t be a crossover model per-se, like an Audi Q5, but more along the lines of the Allroad models from the German company, as the Bentley chief is Franz-Josef Paefgen, former Audi man which backed up the Allroad and hated the Q7.

Both models will share a lot of things with the new platform which will be used on the Aud A6 and upcoming A7 models, as well as the 4.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which generates around 550 HP that will be transmitted to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

While nothing is for certain, it would be quite interesting to see such models from Bentley. I wonder what Rolls Royce will be planning to counter these new cars. What do you think about Bentley’s plans? Leave a comment with your views.

Source: Automobile Magazine via Autoblog

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