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Bentley thinking about Continental Supersports Cabrio version

Bentley thinking about Continental Supersports Cabrio version

While it has recently revealed that its newest Mulsanne limousine will receive plenty of body versions, it seems that the UK-based manufacturer Bentley is thinking about creating yet another version of its popular Continental supercar.

Based on the Supersports versions, this new model will be a convertible, and be adequately named the Bentley Supersports Cabrio. Aimed at people who want the best performance out of the Continental but also the wind to blow throw their hair, this version is set to be the most expensive one.

Presumably it will be equipped with a hard top roof and powered by the big W12 6-liter engine which develops 621 HP. Extras like ceramic brakes and weight saving options like the removal of the back seat are also expected next year, when it is rumored that the model will be unveiled and launched on the market.

Source: Automarket

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