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Best Car Insurance Companies


Choosing the best car insurance company that will best protect your assets can prove to be a difficult task considering the variety of insurers available on the market. The criteria, used by most of us, are usually reduced at the cost (the lower the better) or sometimes the advertising and marketing campaigns succeed in convincing us. But, unfortunately many times this poor decision level results in a problem that will show itself the moment you are forced to make a claim. That’s the main subject that has the potential to truly differentiate car insurance companies.


The most common complains associated with car insurance companies are usually related to the way a company decides to handle the claims: the possibly slow settlement process, an unsatisfactory coverage ensured when a claim is made, a rise in the rate’s value after a single accident occurs. Other complaints focus on the pressure to repair the car in the shop suggested by the insurer, which many clients feel, on the high premiums or the lack of quality services, including the billing system and the terms of the policy.

Best Car Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, these problems start appearing only the moment you have to file a claim and by then it’s impossible to find another insurance company that will handle the situation emerged. As a result, you should pay attention when you choose the insurance company that will represent your interests. And to help you, there are a few tools that can give you a heading. For example, you can research consumer opinions that you can find inside magazines like Consumer Reports. Online forums are another source of information and many automotive discussions boards have special sections dedicated to car insurance topics. The quality varies widely, but if you don’t use it as primary source of information, it can prove to be a real help, because, as you know, people who have experienced problems are usually the ones who post comments.


Repair shop managers are well informed when it comes to the best car insurance companies available on the market as well, because they have dealt with drivers involved in accidents and their claims. In fact, there are some auto-repair shops that post in their waiting rooms car insurance companies ratings. Even if you have bad credit there is still a chance for you to get the car insurance you wish, but in this case you will have to limit your options to the car insurance companies that don’t take much interest in your FICO credit score.


The state you live in can also help you find the best car insurance company available on the local market because it supervises the company’s activity and also can deal with your complaints towards the insurance company. Moreover, on the state’s official website are usually displayed the best and the worst complaints rates of the state’s insurance companies. Just be careful to check if the data provided is not out of date and you can also consider checking the information on the websites of other states as well.


Another free source of information that can help you make a decision is represented by the broker websites that are considered to be a great way to compare online the best car insurance companies. Their expertise in the field is due too the fact they work with more than one insurance company, so they can provide variety and also some comparative information along with ratings.


Finally, you should get as many quotes as possible in order to find the best car insurance company and you should provide more information for a more accurate quote.


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