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Best Car For Lower Insurance Rate

To make it simple, if the price of the vehicle is a low one, than the insurance fee will be low. Even more, if you decide to buy a car from a domestic manufacturer, the insurance will be less expensive than one for a foreign car.

There are several factors that can influence the insurance price such as your driving record, a less than clean driving record may attract several fees to it since you may be considered as a “liability”. Another factor is the zip code and the statistics of the drivers in your family. The car model and trim may influence your insurance premium.

Collision damage is one of the major players in separating the insurance cost of one car model over another. Another thing to know is how appealing is your car. Because the more flashy, or sporty the car is, it automatically becomes more attractive to thieves.

In case they have multiple reports that the model of the car you’re buying have been a preferred target for thieves than your insurance will definitely rise, since they take a bigger risk in insuring that car, because if stolen, it won’t be cheap to replace. The same goes for collision. If the components needed to repair the car are expensive than the insurance fee will rise considerably.

The vehicles that usually are more costly to ensure follow just about the same pattern. Either they have a high horsepower engine, or they are very expensive to repair, the result being of course the high purchase price and high insurance. Cars with huge engines and top power are usually favored by what insurance companies classify as “dangerous drivers”. They will want to go faster and faster therefore are more likely to end up in an accident. In case the insurance company considers all these factors, your insurance will sky rocket.

From the statistical information researched by carinsurance.com it results that the models that seem to be the safest in all points of view are the full size family sedans. Every car analyst and insurance agent will tell you the same thing. That these cars are a lot cheaper to insure because of their purpose as family cars. Therefore you buy them not for pushing it to the ground, you have muscle cars for that. These cars are bought to ensure a safe environment and transportation for the whole family, making defensive driving, your top priority.

The cars that were recorded as the least expensive, from collision factors, and thefts are: Volvo XC 90 with $1460 per moth, GMC Safari with $1425, Mazda MPV $1217, and the Ford Taurus wagon with $1158. The manufacturers have something in common for all these cars: safety and friendliness.

Volvo XC 90

If you have a couple of cars in mind that you’d like to “test out” to see about how much insurance you would have to pay, than you need to go to carinsurance.com and try their online car compare feature. You can easily obtain valuable information just by following a simple procedure that begins with your zip code and some basic information about the car you want. The information regarding the vehicle can be changed very easily enabling you to check out multiple cars and compare fees for each of them.

Keep in mind that even the cars from the list can have pretty high premiums if certain parameters are not respected. For example, in case you have an old Ford Taurus, don’t go for comprehensive and collision coverage because it’s simply not worth it and you are better off dropping it.


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