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Best Used Car Warranties

You must see or hear it on the news all the time, a new business launches itself on the market filled with ideas and a prosperous explosion which you would expect to reach the level of franchise. After a year you never hear from it again. The big building, once filled with workers and employees that were running around, is now a deserted location with a “for rent” signed slapped on the window. This is the example of a situation that launches itself greatly, starts swimming fast and at one point stops completely. When we talk about yourself and your car, as an investment with expectation, there is a good way to insure that you’ll never “drown”. Your floating device is called an extended warranty. This warranty will make sure that your investment doesn’t become a money hole.

Basically, an extended warranty is an insurance policy in your vehicle. This is a good way do avoid pricy, unexpected repairs. To make it even simpler, extended warranties can be considered service contracts that cover certain areas of your car. It’s possible to purchase extended warranty with the vehicle, or much later if you feel you need it. If you like to cover yourself from all sides, than an extended warranty is the best thing for you.

You may have many offers on the market but you need to determine the one that’s best FOR YOU. In order to make sure you’re getting the right coverage you need to think about some things.

Car Warranty

Check the current warranty on your vehicle and make sure that it extends over the entire period you plan on keeping the car. In case you own a new car, than you need to look through it carefully, before going for an extended warranty. For example, let’s say you own a car that currently is covered by a factory warranty that has a 36000 miles or three years limit. If you plan on keeping the car for about two or three years than going for an extended warranty would be a complete waste of money since you will most likely be under the protection of the manufacturer’s warranty.

On the other hand, if you plan ok keeping the car for let’s say seven to eight years, than yes, an extended warranty is worth getting when you cross the 36000 miles or three years limit. If the car you got is a used one, than you need to look into the warranty offered by the dealership (if there is one). In case the used car you’ve purchased it’s about one year old than it should still have it’s factory warranty active. But if the car is under no type of warranty, than you should really go for the extended one.

In case you’re on the verge of buying a used car, you should really check its reliability history. This is far from fail safe in terms of what you might need to repair in it, but at least, it will give you an idea about what kind of repairs you might need to do in the near future. With this information you can go light hearted and purchase an accurate extended warranty that will cover all your danger parts.

Another huge advantage in having an active extended warranty is the fact that is very flexible when facing the possibility of an ownership exchange. The fact that you’re offering an active warranty, can be a great selling point to a prospective buyer, since it fulfills a double purpose: sells your car, and covers his.

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