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It’s a bird…it’s a plane! No, it’s Chevy Sonic!

First-time experiences – that’s the concept of the new Chevrolet Sonic campaigns “Let’s do this” and “Game of firsts”. And their actions look so much alike to those of a courageous superhero character. It started with a parachute jump

and then continued with a bungee jumping moment

The main character in both situations: a Chevrolet Sonic. So, the car manufacturer seems to take to extreme the idea of “first-time experiences”, and gives to consumers its own example of surpassing brand’s “on-ground” vehicle situation, by exceeding its own limits in some extreme ways. We have to recognize that, so far, everything they’ve done is a first.

Apparently, ten new Sonic cars will be won by the persons participating to the campaign.

So, do you like Chevrolet’s idea?

[Source: Letsdothis, Photo]