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BMW 1-Series M, Put On A Diet By RevoZport

RevoZport 1M Raze

The tuners from RevoZport have though that the stock BMW 1-Series M is a little bit too fat and for this reason they’ve come up with this 1M Raze that manages to shave off 132 lbs (60 kg) from the car’s total weight. This vehicle has been designed not only to be lighter than the original model, but more aerodynamic as well.

RevoZport 1M Raze

Here are a couple of price tags for some of the modifications available: the front grille costs $250, the ventilated bonnet $1,290, front splitter is $900, lightweight trunk is between $600 and $1,190, the trunk-mounted spoiler will set you back $780, that lightweight roof is another $1,500, while the mirror casings cost $290 and the rear diffuser is $780. The price for the rear wing and the side skirts will be announced in the near future.

RevoZport 1M Raze

As for the performance of the engine, RevoZport throws in an intercooler, along with high-flow air filters, a blow-off valve charge pipe, a titanium exhaust system and a remapped ECU. No words about the power output of the engine but taking into consideration the P450 designation, the engine might produce 450 hp (456 PS / 336 kW).

Source: RevoZport via GT Spirit

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