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BMW 3 Series Cabrio Tuning by Hamann

The German tuner Hamann presented their modified version of the recently introduced BMW 3 Series Cabrio. Modifications include an aerodynamic body kit, engine upgrade and interior mods. The exterior modifications give the new 3 Series Cabrio a more aggressive look with a new HAMANN front spoiler, new side sills, HAMANN 4-pipe sport muffler plus 18, 19 and 20 inch wheels.

The 4-cylinder engine available for the BMW 320i got a power boost of 10 HP / 7 kW and 10 Nm torque, that takes the car to 233 km/h (5 more than the standard 228 km/h). The 6-cylinder gas engines on the BMW 325i and on the BMW 330i got an increase of 13 HP / 10 kW and 17 HP/ 12 kW and both about 25 Nm torque as well. Top speed goes to 250 and 265 km/h . An interesting feature is the 250km/h speed restriction deactivation included for the 330i. Most impressive is the BMW 335i which got a 37 HP power boost that speeds the car up to 279 km/h top speed. For the current diesel model 330d customers can expect a significant power boost of 272 HP/ 200 kW making possible a top speed of 256 km/h (standard: 245) and 600 Nm at 2000 rpm/min.

Of course, HAMANN customizes every 3-Series to individual customer requests. For example, luxurious leather upholsteries in a variety of colors are possible, as are extensive multimedia conversions featuring DVD player, TV or Playstation. Overall, the 3 Series Cabrio got a pretty impressive tuning package from Hamann.

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