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BMW 7 Series stolen after Detroit Auto Show 2011

Driving around in nice, fancy cars around Detroit must have been nice for the BMW execs who came to town for the car show. It’s sort of a car maker’s etiquette to bring your own cars to a car show and to flaunt them around town. But when the cars’ value raises up to $90,000 and $140,000 a piece, it’s bound to attract some attention, not only from the innocent bystanders, but also by the morally challenged. You know, black outfits, stealthy moves.
Out of the 19 cars that were brought to town, one of them was stolen by car thieves, just across the street from the hotel the BMW executives were checked in. The jackers took the 7 Series just as it was being loaded on a hauler to be transported back to New Jersey headquarters.
Here’s the full story:



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