BMW details front-wheel drive plans, wants A1 and A2 rivals

BMW knows that the next playing field for the three big luxury German carmakers will be the compact segment. As such, it has announced a month ago that front-wheel models are coming, whether purists like it or not.

Now, the lads at Autocar have scored some new info about the FWD projects the Bavarian company has in mind. The details are pretty interesting, to say the least, and involve two new models.

The first will be incorporated into the next generation 1 Series. Fans needn’t worry, as it will be distinguished from the traditional RWD models, through a modified design plus a much lower asking price. This specific model will attract people who weren’t interested before in BMW cars and will use the platform of the next Mini.

Besides offering a FWD BMW experience, this model will boast increased space on the inside, thanks to a new transversely-mounted engine and gearbox that allow for a much shorter front end. The main target for this car will be the presumably revived Audi A2 or the next Mercedes-Benz A Class.

The second FWD BMW will directly target the upcoming Audi A1 and also slot in below the 1 Series in terms of price. The car will feature a sportier design than the model we mentioned above, and might be available just in three-door form, to keep dimensions and weight as low as possible.

BMW isn’t worried that these new models will affect Mini sales, as its research has pointed out that the brands cater to very different types of customers.

Source: Autocar

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