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BMW M3 GTS Sedan Concept Revealed

BMW M3 GTS Sedan Concept

During BMW’s closed-door event that was organized last weekend, they also unveiled the M3 GTS Sedan Concept, aside from the awesome M5 Concept and the funny M3 pickup truck. This M3 GTS Sedan is, as you might have guessed that already, derived from the M3 GTS Coupe, but it is only a concept.

BMW M3 GTS Sedan Concept

According to our colleges from Car Magazine, the power output is unspecified but said to be below the 444 hp (450 PS / 331 kW) level of the Coupe, and somewhere above the 414 hp (420 PS / 309 kW) mark of the regular M3.

BMW M3 GTS Sedan Concept

This sedan concept benefits from some components from the production version GTS, like the 19-inch alloy rims, the bigger brakes, black kidney grills and the rear boot lid spoiler. The car’s front splitter is less wide than the one found on the GTS Coupe and the model is said to feature a lighter exhaust and a tuned suspension.

The car will get the green light for production, but BMW are only going to make a few of them. Once more information becomes available, we’ll let you know ASAP.

Source: Car Magazine via Motor Ward via WCF

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