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BMW M8, Featuring McLaren F1’s V12 Engine

Probably one of the coolest cars ever made by BMW is the 8-Series. Add to this the M8 badge and the result is epic. Unfortunately, the car never made it into production and remained only a prototype. The German automaker did launch the 850CSi, which had a modified version of the 850i’s V12 engine, featuring 380 hp from its 5.6-liter displacement, which was bigger than on the regular 850i.

Last week, BMW decided to open its doors of its very special M car garage to the press, revealing a bunch of prototypes that never were green-lighted for production. One of these one-offs is the M8. The most powerful 8-Series had a bespoke V12 engine that later on was the heart of the legendary McLaren F1. The 12-cylinder power plant was built around two 6-cylinder engines sourced from the M3 (E36), outputting around 580 hp.

Featuring widened wheel arches, bespoke front & rear bumpers, additional air vents in the back, aerodynamically optimized mirrors and special alloy rims, it is my favorite BMW ever made. The engine was later on found not only in the aforementioned McLaren F1, but also in the automaker’s 1999 Le Mans racer.

My question is: why BMW decided not to roll out this model? They would have made a fortune.

[youtube width="470" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znrARdv3F_0[/youtube]

Source: BMW via M5Board, Autocar via Carscoop

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