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BMW Posts Record Sales

2011 BMW 7-Series

It seems that things are going just great at BMW as the first six months of this year have been the best in the company’s history as far as sales, profits and revenues are concerned. The manufacturer’s second quarter profits went sky high, rising for 66% year-on-year to a whopping 2.85 billion Euros while the sales that occurred between April and June rose by a solid 18.5% to a grand total of 450,608 units.

In this first half of 2011, BMW managed to sell 34.2% more X1s, reaching 62,698 delivered cars while the sales of the X3 doubled, hitting 53,522 units. Regarding the X5, sales are up by 4.9% to 48,479 cars. Moreover, the redesigned 5-Series also has seen some great days as the sales in the first half of 2011 reached 170,708 units while the big boy 7-Series sales rose by 3% to 31,764 cars.

If we look at what Mini did, things are just as good as they sold 35.6% more cars in the second quarter of this year, reaching a total of 141,913 cars in the first half of 2011. A good reason why Mini is so successful is thanks to the Countryman which was sold in 40,171 units.

In addition, sales of BMW’s Rolls Royce department went by 64.1% in the first six months of the year, reaching 1,592 units. Lastly, the German manufacturer sold 60,580 motorcycles as well as 3530 Husqvarna motorcycles.

Source: BMW via Autocar.co.uk

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