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BMW presents first Megacity EV sketch and photos

BMW decided to showcase more info on its upcoming Megacity electric vehicle project.

As you already know, the compact city car will be powered by an electric drivetrain and use materials like carbon fiber reinforced plastics on its chassis and body parts, in order to become an attractive solution for urban environments around 2013.

Now, a fresh batch of details has been revealed by BMW. The Megacity EV will sport a rear-mounted electric motor, capable of outputting around 100 kW (134 HP). While it will boast plug-in capability, an extended-range version, that uses a small capacity internal combustion engine to charge up the batteries, isn’t out of the question.

You can preview the future design through the sketch above, but you can have a more realistic look at how the Megacity model will look like with the chassis photo below.

The car, as we revealed above, will use a carbon fiber reinforced plastic architecture, called ‘LifeDrive’ by BMW. The company brags that it is as strong as steel and weighs half as much as aluminum.

Rest assured that more details will be made available as BMW continues its research on this new electric vehicle.

Source: Autocar

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