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My BMW Remote app for Android

BMW was the first integrating iPod into their cars, the first using iPhone connectivity. As about applying the same functionalities to Android, they were not that fast, but still (apparently, the massive amount of fragmentation of both screen sizes and Android versions out in the world are to be blamed for this, as testing and development took much longer than expected). Their My BMW Remote app for Google’s open-source OS is now about to come to live for Android too. Why is this step so important for BMW developers? Because android is currently the fastest-growing software platform for smartphones and tablets, and as open-source software, it can be adapted to and used on a wide range of devices from different manufacturers. That’s a challenge, don’t you think?

Exactly like its “brother” for iPhone, My BMW Remote app for Android provides you with the possibility to remotely lock or unlock the car, to determine its exact location, to use the climate control, flash the lights or press the horn in case you can’t find your car into a crowded parking lot. The Google Local Search completes the above options, offering the possibility to send points of interest to the car, without having to use the navigation system.

The app will be released later this year, and will include real-time traffic information too, the same for the iPhone version.

Are you affected by this change? Are you an iPhone or an Android user?

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